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Ayo Chp 14

ayo, chp 14 in dis. (;

Emigrant A person who leaves a country.
Immigrant A person who settles in a new country.
Steerage The cheapest deck on a ship.
Push-Pull Factors A force that pushes people out of their native lands and pulls them towards a new place.
Famine A severe food shortage.
Prejudice A negative opinion that is not based on facts.
Nativist Native-born Americans who wanted to eliminate foreign influence.
Romanticism A style of art that stressed the individual, imagination, creativity, and emotion.
Hudson River School American painters who painted peaceful landscapes.
Transcendentalism A philosophy that taught that the spiritual world is more important than the physical one.
Civil Disobedience A form of peaceful protest in which people refuse to obey laws they consider unjust.
Revival A meeting to reawaken religious faith.
Second Great Awakening A renewal of religious faith in the 1790's and early 1800's.
Temperance Movement A campaign to stop the drinking of alchohol.
Labor Union A group of workers who band together to seek better working conditions.
Strike A stopping of work to demand better conditions.
Horace Mann A reformer who worked for education improvements.
Dorothea Dix A reformer who worked to improve conditions for the mentally ill.
Abolition The movement to end slavery.
Frederick Douglass An escaped slave who became a noted abolitionist leader.
Sojourner Truth Former slave who became an abolitionist and supporter of women's rights.
Underground Railroad An above-the-ground series of escape routes for runaway slaves from the South to the North.
Harriet Tubman The most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad.
Elizabeht Cady Stanton Leader in the abolitionist and women's rights movements.
Seneca Falls Convention Convention held in 1848 to argue for women's rights.
Suffrage The right to vote.
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