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World History Exam

Who created an Independent Communist Yugoslavia? Tito
"Those who speak out." Dissidents
"Restructuring" in German. Perestroika
Where did the "missile crisis" take place? Cuba
What was the "SYMBOL" of the Cold War? The Berlin Wall
Agency that used covert operations in the Cold War; Bay of Pigs. CIA
"One falls, all will fall." Domino Theory
"The purchasing power of income." Real wages
"Both sides have atomic weapons, thus preventing war." Deterrence
It provided $13 billion to rebuild war-torn Europe. Marshall Plan
Cold War policy establish on March 12, 1947; $400 million. Truman Doctrine
"Countries build up armies and weapons." Arms Race
Formed in April 1949 in Belgium; Western defense alliance. NATO
Policy of keeping communism at current borders; Formulated by Keenan. Containment
What triggered the U.S. into WWII? Pearl Harbor
Relaxation of tension between super powers. Detente
How were the troops rescued at Dunkirk? They were taken across the English channel by Royal Navy and civilian boats.
It collapsed in 1991. USSR
Act that Serbs committed to Bosnians in 1998. Ethnic cleansing
What year did the Berlin wall fall? 1989
Nicolae Ceausescu ruled this country with an "iron-fist". Romania
Which European country signed armistice with Germany in 1940? France
Servants Unskilled
People who assisted the enemy. Collaborators
"I must write, for what weighs on my heart, I must express!" Beethoven
Frenchman who proposed a germ theory of disease. Louis Pasteur
Belief in the uniqueness of each person. Individualism
Living space. Lebensraum
Mary Shelley's example of Romantic literature. Frankenstein
The most romantic of the arts. Music
What were aerial fights called in WWI? Dogfights
Who was the infamous German ace pilot who amassed approximately 80 kills in the air. Red Baron
What was the name of the only Naval Battle in WWI? Tutland
Name 2 ailments that affected the bunker men? trench foot & shellshock
When did WWI combat end? 11/11/18
Largest peacetime military buildup in US history. Ronald Reagan
Reason for Olympics boycott on Moscow. USSR attack on Afghanistan
Against Jews. Anti-Semitic
Discovered By French scientist. Radium
Result of public education. Literacy
Lightning war. Blitzkrieg
Quack-science used by Nazi's to achieve "Master-Race". Eugenics
Restrictions intended to enforce international law. Sanctions
4 allies: Britain, USSR, France, U.S.
What did Woodsworth believe had reduced nature to a cold object of study? Science
Physical extermination; deliberate systematic murderl. Genocide
4 Basic causes of WWI: Militarism, Individualism, Nationalism, Totalitarianism.
Hitler directly violated the Armistice
3 axis powers: Japan, Italy, Germany.
What was the turning point of war in the east? The Battle of Stalingrad
The act of assembling or preparing for war. Mobilization
Giving concessions to an aggressor to seek peace. Appeasement
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