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French Idioms 5

La Vie Au Quotidien... Life Day By Day

Rôtir le balai to live the high life
Mettre quelqu'un en boîte to make fun of someone, to pull someone's leg
Tirer la couverture à soi to take the lion's share, to take all the credit
tomber les quatre fers en l'air to fall flat on one's back
Être une vraie girouette to change with the weather
Passer au peigne fin to search thoroughly, to go through something with a fine-toothed comb
Envoyer quelqu'un aux pelotes to send someone away, to send someone about their business
Tourner autour de pot to beat around the bush
Payer les pots cassés to pay the piper, to suffer the consequences
Passer un savon à quelqu'un to reprimand someone, to give someone a good dressing-down
Tirer les sonnettes to network, to put the word out about something
Se mettre à table to confess (to the police), to come clean
Created by: UWFrench4