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Renaissance A period of european history lasting from about 1300-1600 during which renewed interest in ckassical culture led to far reaching changes in art, learning, and views of the world
Reformation A 16th century mkvement for religious reform leading to the founding of christian churches that rejected the popes authority
William shakespeare English playwright many of his plays examine human flaws his tragedies include macbeth king lear hamlet romeo and juliet and julius caesar a famous comedy is a midsummer nights dream he revered the classics and drew upon them for inspiration and plots
Leonardo da vinci Painter sculpter inventor ad scientist paintings include the mona lisa and the last supper he experimented with the inventions of man made flight
Mughal One of the nomads who invaded the indian subcontinent in the 16thcentury and built a powerful empire there.
Taj mahal A beautiful tomb in agra india built by the mughal emperor shah jahan for his wife mumtaz mahal
Christopher columbus Italian who sailed for spain. He tried to establish an all water route from europe to india by sailing west
Ferdinand magellan Led.a spanish fleet in the first attempt to circumnavigate the globe. They sailed around capehorn at the tip of south america and across the pacific ocean.
Treaty of tordesillas a 1494 agreement between portugal and spain declaring that the newly discovered lands to the west of an imaginary line into the atlantic ocean would belong to spain and thenewly discoverer lands east of the line would belong to portugal
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