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history final

3 causes for great depression surplus, credit, stock market
pays money not to farm AAA
conserveration work CCC
power to rule REA
barkdale airforce base, opelousas sewar, water purify, buildings WPA
insurance for bank accounts FDIC
3 new deals (RRR) reform, relief, recovery
higgins boats originaly- swamp boats
mock wars determined horses not needed
WW2 hero and his plane? Claire Lee Chennault (flying tigers)
how many troops served? 275000
what helped veterans get schlorship? GI Bill
Sam Jones end deduct system continue social program start civil service system
Jimmy Davis entertainer "you are my sunshine" balances budget
Earl Long raises pay for black teachers ended civil service system
Rob Kennon restores civil service system fights illegal gambling, voting fraud, prisoner brutality
USO set up what for soliders? communities
target? Barksddale Air force Base
Created by: haileyd