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Gov Ch 2

This man wrote the "textbook of the American Revolution." John Locke
Signed in 1620 by the Pilgrims, this colonial plan for self-rule is called the Mayflower Compact.
The first legislature in what became the United States was the Virginia House of Burgesses.
The first battles of the Revolutionary War were fought at Lexington and Concord.
The Intolerable Acts prompted the colonists to take this action against Britain. an embargo
According to the Articles of Confederation, this power was granted Congress. to amend the Articles of Confederation
Many Americans wanted a strong national government after Shays's Rebellion.
The Articles of Confederation went into effect in 1781 after all thirteen states ratified them.
Trade among the states was known as interstate commerce.
The compromise made by the Founders on this issue left a terrible burden for future generations. slavery
The Magna Carta was important because it established a limited government.
America's first formal constitution was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
This began as a struggle over lands in western Pennsylvania and Ohio. French and Indian War
This led to the Boston Tea Party. Britain's increased tax revenue
This man wrote the original draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson
According to the Articles of Confederation, this was the purpose of Congress. to make laws
To establish the Northwest Territory, states did this. ceded territories
This man was known as the father of the Constitution. James Madison
Federalists were concerned that without a strong national government this would triumph. anarchy
Antifederalists believed this was needed. Bill of Rights
The ____________________ established limited government in England. Magna Carta
Britain’s Intolerable Acts closed ____________________. Boston Harbor
The _________________________ kept sovereignty in the states. Articles of Confederation
The _________________________ was held in Philadelphia in 1787. Constitutional Convention
An outspoken member of the Anti-Federalists was ____________________. Patrick Henry
governed the 13 colonies British
legislative, executive, judicial separation of powers
what Britain gave to colonists protection from the French
Continental Congress president John Hancock
struggle between France and Britain French and Indian War
purpose of Congress lawmaking
not in the Articles of Confederation the executive branch
sat in the rising sun chair George Washington
for a strong national government Federalists
for a Bill of Rights Antifederalists
first legislature in America Virginia House of Burgesses
Pilgrims' government agreement Mayflower Compact
philosopher of natural rights John Locke
cause for colonists' revolt government without representation
proposed Albany Plan of Union Benjamin Franklin
one of the powers of Congress amend the Articles of Confederation
caused by economic depression Shays's Rebellion
ratify states' approval
Founders' compromise slavery
absence of political order anarchy
How did adding the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution express principles established centuries before in the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights? These early documents established that the power of government was not absolute and that people had basic rights. The Bill of Rights expressed these principles of limited government and protection by guaranteeing people's rights against the power of gover
Explain why a peaceful settlement of differences was not possible between the colonies and Great Britain by 1776. American grievances with British rule, British refusal to acknowledge colonial arguments, and the colonists' acceptance of Locke's and Paine's ideas.
What compromises made at the Constitutional Convention helped shape the national government? The Connecticut Compromise created the two-house structure of Congress, in which states are represented equally in the upper house and by population in the lower. Other compromises gave Congress power over interstate commerce, created the Electoral Colleg
Explain why many Americans came to desire a stronger central government in the years following independence. problems and weaknesses under the Articles that showed the need for a stronger central government.
In what ways does the Declaration of Independence express the ideas of John Locke? that in establishing people's right to "life, liberty," etc., and by listing the king's violation of those rights, the Declaration was using Locke's arguments to justify a change in government.
For what reasons might some Americans have wanted a weak central government after gaining their independence? As colonists many Americans had resisted what they considered the abuse of power by the British government. The state constitutions they wrote all limited the power of government. In addition, the states did not wish to surrender their sovereignty.
Explain how the Bill of Rights affects the power of the national government. that by outlining the people's basic rights and freedoms, the Bill of Rights establishes limits on government power.
By modern standards, how democratic were the governments of the English colonies in America? The colonies were not democratic by modern standards. Although legislatures of elected representatives existed, every colony had a property qualification for voting, and suffrage was denied to blacks and women. In addition, some colonies had official reli
The original 13 colonies were established and governed by England.
Charles I signed this document that stopped collection of taxes without Parliament's consent. Petition of Right
A government in which people elect delegates to make laws is a representative government.
The first legislature in America was the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Dividing the powers of government as the colonial charters did is called separation of powers.
The fundamental reason the colonists revolted was because of government without representation.
In the eyes of the British, the American colonies existed for this reason.
economic benefit for Britain
The colonists remained loyal to Britain in exchange for some self-rule and protection from the French.
The first president of the Second Continental Congress was John Hancock.
The Declaration of Independence founded government on principles of human liberty and consent of the governed.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the plan for the central government included one vote per state.a unicameral delegate from each state.
According to the Articles of Confederation, this was the main purpose of Congress. foreign affairs and defense
According to the Articles of Confederation, Congress had this power. enter into treaties
Shays's Rebellion was caused by this problem. economic depression
This caused many Americans to agree to a strong national government. Shays's Rebellion
The only state that did not send a delegate to the Constitutional Convention was Rhode Island.
This document suggested the legislative branch have a House of Representatives and a Senate. the Connecticut Compromise
To create the needed new government, the Founders compromised on this issue. slavery
This was an argument of the Federalists. for a strong national government
This was an argument of the Antifederalists. for a Bill of Rights
According to the _________________________ the monarch must have Parliament’s consent to suspend laws. English Bill of Rights
In 1636 the Massachusetts Bay Colony adopted the first basic system of laws in the colonies, the ____________________. Great Fundamentals
The first colony to establish a representative assembly was ____________________. Virginia
With legislatures in place for more than 100 years before independence, the colonies had considerable experience in ____________________. self-government
The _________________________, fought between 1756 and 1763, threatened Britain’s hold on the colonies. French and Indian War
The Massachusetts protest against further tea taxes became known as the ____________________. Boston Tea Party
One of the ____________________ withdrew the right of the Massachusetts colony to govern itself. Intolerable Acts
The first meeting organized by the colonies in 1765 to protest King George’s actions was the ____________________. Stamp Act Congress
A(n) ______________________________, started by Samuel Adams, consisted of colonists who wanted to keep in touch with one another as events unfolded. committee of correspondence
In 1776 ____________________ proposed that a "plan for confederation" be prepared for the states. Richard Henry Lee
Under the _________________________, Congress had the power to make war and peace, send ambassadors, make treaties, raise an army and navy, and create post offices. Articles of Confederation
Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress could raise money only by borrowing or requesting it from the ____________________. states
Economic disputes arose because Congress did NOT have the power to ____________________. regulate trade
In the ____________________, Congress established that territories owned by the government were to be developed for statehood. Northwest Ordinance
A strong national executive and a two-chambered legislature were included in the ____________________. Virginia Plan
The ____________________ suggested that representation in the House of Representatives, but not in the Senate, be based on population. Connecticut Compromise
The ____________________ system was the compromise solution to the debate over how to elect the president. Electoral College
William Paterson proposed the ____________________ with a weak executive and a one-chambered legislature. New Jersey Plan
The new government began in ____________________, the nation’s temporary capital. New York City
established limited government Magna Carta
textbook of the American Revolution John Locke's ideas
colonial government Mayflower Compact
colonial laws Great Fundamentals
America's first formal constitution Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
defeat of the French in America French and Indian War
government collected money revenue
first direct tax on colonies Stamp Act
closed Boston Harbor Intolerable Acts
agreement prohibiting trade embargo
defeat of the French in America French and Indian War
approved ratified
single-chambered Congress unicameral
needed to pass a law approval of 9 of 13 states
needed to amend or change Articles consent of all 13 states
yield territory claims cede
father of the Constitution James Madison
trade among the states interstate commerce
rising sun chair George Washington
extralegal not sanctioned by law
anarchy political disorder
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