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OC CH 15 Civil War

OC CH 15 Test Review - Civil War

What did Lincoln promise in his inaugural address? He would leave slavery intact in the South, preserve the Union, and keep the federal government from attacking the South
What was President Lincoln's main goal when he took office in 1861? reunite the North and South and keep the Union intact
President Lincoln's inaugural address was influenced by the Declaration of Independence because he based his speech on the idea that... ...the success of the nation depends upon it being united
What was the South's response to Lincoln's inaugural address? The South ignored Lincoln's call for unity
The Civil War began when... ...Confederate guns began firing on Fort Sumter
Winfield Scott was a general who led the troops from the... North/Union
General Winfield Scott's strategy for winning the war was to... use a naval blockade of southern ports and gain control of the Mississippi River to divide the South/Confederacy
The Union and Confederate armies built up their troops by... ...relying on the help of volunteer soldiers
The First Battle of Bull Run was significant because... showed that the war would not be won quickly or easily
Why did General Robert E. Lee decide to fight for the South? He wanted to remain loyal to his birthplace
What was the significance of the Second Battle of Bull Run? The Confederacy was able to force Union troops out of Virginia
What was the significance of the Battle of Antietam? It shifted control of the war to the Union
Why was it a challenge for the Union to maintain its naval blockade of southern ports? The southern coastline is thousands of miles long
What new development made Southern warships stronger? The ships were heavily armed with thick metal plating
What was the significance of the use of new warships by both the North and South? It marked the end of the use of wooden warships
What effect did the Battle of Gettysberg have on the relationship between Europe and the Confederacy? Europe decided not to aid the South
What Civil War battle is known as the bloodiest day in all of U.S. history? The Battle of Antietam
The main goal of the Union army in the West was to gain control of... ...the Mississippi River
What was the significance of the Battle of Shiloh? It gave the Union greater control of the Mississippi River valley
General Ulysses S. Grant fought in what other important U.S. war? The Mexican-American War
What was the significance of the Siege of Vicksburg? It gave the Union total control of the Mississippi River
How did the Siege of Vicksberg affect the South? The western states in the South were cut off from the eastern states
Why did American Indians fight on the side of the Confederates? They hoped they would be given more independence after the war was over.
Where was the Battle of Pea Ridge fought? Northern Arkansas
What were President Lincoln's views on slavery? He thought it was wrong and that all men were entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
The Emancipation Proclamation announced that... ...all slaves were free
Lincoln based the Emancipation Proclamation on the idea in the Declaration of Independence that... ...all men are created equal
Northern Democrats were opposed to the Emancipation Proclamation because... ...they felt it wasn't the purpose of the war
Why did Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation after the Union victory at the Battle of Antietam? He wanted the Union to be in a stronger position than the South when he made the announcement
Who were the Copperheads? A group of northern Democrats who opposed the draft because they felt it forced white men to fight to free African Americans in the South
How were prisoners of war treated during the Civil War? They had poor conditions and little food, and often died as a result
How did life change for many people who stayed home while others were away fighting? Many civilians had to take over jobs that men who were fighting left open
What role did many women play in the Civil War? They served as nurses, providing medical care for wounded soldiers
What was a main challenge for African American soldiers if they were captured by the Confederacy? They would be killed or sold into slavery
What did Lincoln do against people who opposed the war? He suspended their right of habeas corpus, jailing them without trial or evidence
As time passed, why did many Northerners begin to oppose the war? It was lasting too long and too many people were dying
What was the 54th Massachusetts Infantry? African American soldiers who served for the Union army who played an important role in the fighting
To reward the African American soldiers, Lincoln suggested they be given the right to... vote
What was the purpose of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? inspire and remind Americans of the reasons why they were fighting the Civil War
What ideas from the Declaration of Independence were also in Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? The importance of liberty, equality, and democracy
What advantage did the North have over the South at the Battle of Gettysburg? The North had a better position on the battlefield (Little Round Top)
Why was the Battle of Gettysburg significant? It was the first time the northerners believed the war could be won
Who was General William Tecumseh Sherman? The leader of the Union army who captured Atlanta with his "total war" strategy of destroying railroads and factories
Why did Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender? The Union had surrounded his troops and they were out of supplies
What was one effect of the Civil War on African Americans? They were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation
What was the effect of the capture of Atlanta on the reelection of Lincoln? Voters felt progress was being made in the war, so they reelected Lincoln
Created by: enid.robert
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