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SS Chapter 13 Lesson 3

The head of the Roman family who owned all property and controlled all other family members father
This group in Roman society could inherit property and run a business but could not vote Women
New social class that developed in Roman society made up of prosperous business leaders and officials Middle class
The looest and largest class in Roman society Slaves
THe two cultures that had the greatest influence on Roman religion Etruscan and Greek
Roman city that attracted people from all over the empire taking its population to nearly one million people Rome
A pipe channel that carries water from a sping stram or lake into town aqueduct
public facility that was used by Romans of all classes and was heated bya wood burning furnace bathhouse
THe famous arena in Rome where ROmans could watched trained warriors fightr to the death COlosseum
A tained warrior in anceint Rome Gladiator
Created by: ShariBH