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Mr Lewis's Test


What two types of cattle produced the longhorn? English and Spanish
What caused high demand for cattle? Issue with pork, beef was plentiful, beef could be preserved, longhorns were good for cattle drives
Why did the cattle drives end? Their success was their own demise
Why were railroads a good form of transportation? More efficient, took less workers, cheaper, weather didn't affect schedules
What were the terms of land grants given to railroads? Railroad companies received 16 sections per mile after the 1st ten miles
Why did railroads hurt some communities? If a railroad did not stop in a city, then that city would have economic problems.
What incentives were offered to railroad companies and why? Cities paid bonds to attract railroads because it helped the city's industries and they did not have to pay up front
How did railroads attract settlers? Advertisements and demonstrations
How did mechanization change farming? Increased production with less employees
What is tenant farming? Started at the time of Industrialization. People rented farmland in exchange for crops
Explain the relationship between lumber mills and railroads. Railroads help increase the ability to transport timber which caused more mills to be able to opened.
When was oil first drilled in Texas? 1866
What industries were spin-offs of the oil industry? storage, pipelines, and refineries
How did Texans view the changes that were happening? They feared change
What are examples of laws that limited freedoms? Slavery and Segregation
Define reform A process that works to make a positive change
What happens when businesses become too powerful? monopolies and prices gauging
What happened to farmers in the 1800's? They made less on their crops, but paid more for supplies
Why were short hauls so expensive? no competition
What was the purpose of the interstate commerce act? To regulate railroads that ran between states
What were the goals of the populist party? To make the government regulate industries that impacted citizens
What is the purpose of a strike? To improve working conditions
How did Hogg feel about insurance companies? He banned them from Texas because they didn't follow the Law
What was the Texas Railroad Commission? An organization that oversaw the operation of the railroad
What was the Greer County Dispute? A land dispute
What effect did Spindletop have on Beaumont? economic
What did anti-suffragists argue? to protect morality
Why were oil wells spaced out? So fields would not be exhausted
How many barrels of oil were produced in 1889? 48
Where was the first real oil strike? Corsicana
What is vertical integration? Owning all the steps in a production process
Who was the first to drill at Spindletop? Gladys City Oil
What was the first use for petroleum? lighting
Why was the Texas Equal Suffrage Association so successful? They used positive methods and strategies
Created by: kirbylovergirl
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