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1950's Quiz

NATO alliance of free countries of Europe (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
Warsaw Pact alliance of communist countries
Iron Curtain separation between free and communist countries in Europe
Sputnik first man-made satellite in space (Americans thought the Russians could have weapons on it AND thought we were behind in technology)
Containment stopping the spread of communism with money or military force
"Cold War" a war where 2 sides don't actually fight... instead they build up their military to intimidate the other side
United Nations set up to prevent future wars
Berlin Airlift when the Soviet Union cut Berlin off from the west (U.S., France & Great Britain) all the food & supplies for 132 days had to be dropped into Berlin by airplane
Baby Boom huge population explosion
McCarthyism Senator Joseph McCarthy accused people in the government & Hollywood of being communists with little to no evidence
38th Parallel dividing line between communist North Korea and free South Korea
Soviet Bloc countries Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, Bulgaria, Romania & Poland
Marshall Plan spending of U.S. money to rebuild Europe after WWII
Arms Race Competition of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. to build the most weapons
Inflation rise in prices
domino theory the thinking that if another country became communist, then all countries around it would become communist too
How did cars change America in the 1950's? people were able to commute to work from the suburbs, drive-in movies & drive-in restaurants
What happened to the French in 1954? What happened as a result of this? They lost a war to try to keep Vietnam as a colony. As a result, Vietnam was split into free South Vietnam and communist North Vietnam
What were some of the most popluar TV shows in the 1950's? Davy Crockett, Howdy Doody, I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke, Leave it to Beaver, The Twilight Zone, etc...
What were some of the ways America changed in the 1950's? More people moved to the suburbs, more white collar jobs, more cars and advances in technology. Rock & Roll music and TV also became widespread.
Created by: jsimard