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Disease Final----

Virus pt I

viruses that only replicate inside the host cell, cannot survive long term outside host cell Obligate intracellular parasite
central genome of RNA/DNA and protein capsule shell, some have outer envelope; this is known as Virion Design
Gold standard for ID/isolation of virus Viral Culture
If specimen must be held over the weekend, what is optimal storage? in transport medium, at temp that inhibits cellular degradation/microflora proliferation
59 y/o transplant pt, on steroids for episodes of acute rejection, malaise, fatigue, feer, dyspnea, anemia/leukemia, what is likely problem? CMV-Cytomegalovirus, an opportunistic infection
viral induced cell morphologic change, cytopathic effects, inclusion bodies, enlargement of the cell CMV
cause of acute infection followed by latent infection with periodic reactivation and shedding of infectious virus Herpesvirus
herpesviruses infecting epithelial cells, produce latent infections in neurons Alpha group: HSV 1,2, VZV
group, CMV infects and produces latent infection in variety of cell types lymphotrophic beta group
group with EBV, KSHV/HHV-8 that causes Kaposi sarcoma, latent infection in lymphoid cells gamma group
often caused by HSV-2 than by HSV-1; vesicles on genital mucous membranes and external genitalia rapidly converted to superficial ulcerations irmmed by inflamm infiltrate Genital herpes
routine cytology evaluating prepared viral smears Tzanck Smear cytology
mutlinucleated giant cell observed in Tzanck prep with intranuclear unclusion cytopathic effect
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