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Cells & Tissues

Cell Junctions & Surface Modificiations-Test #1

What are the diff. types of Cell Junctions? Specialized attachments b/w adjacent cells; Tight Junctions (zona occludens); Adhesive Junctions; Gap Junctions
Specialized attachments b/w adj. cells Provides anchoring of adj. cells to one another and provides cytoplasmic continuity b/w cells
Tight Junctions (Zona Occludens) Seal cell-lined compartments; Prevent water soluble molecule from passing through b/w cells; fuse adj. plasma membranes; Maintains polarity of cell; Disrupted by reduction of calcium concentration
What are the two types of Adhesive junctions? Zonula Adherens & Desmosomes. Hemidesmosomes not in terminal bar
Zonula Adherens Membrane proteins CADHERIN of adj cells bind to adhere cell to each other and the actin microfilaments in cell cortex anchor adherin proteins
Desmosomes Are disc shaped and Cytoplasmic Intermediate Filaments anchor the adherin family membrane proteins that bind the cell
Hemidesmosomes Found in basal layer of cells. Use INTEGRIN proteins to attach cell to extracellular matrix
Gap Junctions Not found in terminal bar. Does not hold cells together. Allows for passage of ions & small molecules b/w adj. cells. Cells connected by connexons made of protein Connexin. Imp. in cardiac & smooth muscle=mult. cells act as one
What are the 3 types of junctions found in the terminal bar? Tight Junctions (zona occludens), Zonula adherens, desmosomes
What are the 3 types of surface specializations? Microvilli, Stereocillia, and Cilia
What is the purpose of a surface specialization? To incr. surface area and to move substances across cell surface
Microvilli Covered w/ glycocalyx; Forms striated border; Found on apical surface of absorptive cells; Core of ACTIN filament helps maintain cell shape; NOT Motile only incr. surface area
Stereocilia Long branched microvilli; Incr. surface area for TRANSPORT across membrane
Cilia Motile; aka Axoneme (gen. term for cilia and flagella) Move material through the surface of cell & move cell through its environ. Composed of tubulin; requires ATP energy; motor protein is axonemal dynein
What is the structural composition of cilia & Microvilli? Cilia-Tubulin protein; Microvilli-Actin protein
Created by: terryg025