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PE Final

Tennis can be played in ____ or _____ singles or doubles
TENNIS:only____ bounce is allowed before returning the ball to your opponent one
TENNIS:the scoring progresses from______to___to____ love to 15 to 30
TENNIS:_______ can be played on multiple surfaces professional tennis
TENNIS:a let ball ____ count as a fault doesn't
TENNIS:you can win a ____ in tennis but that doesnt mean you have won a ____ game...set
TENNIS:the _________ of a tennis court is ___ feet and the length is ___ ft baseline....36....78
TENNIS:in ____, a player must go ___points ahead to win the game deuce....2
TENNIS:if the ball hits the boundery line, it is considered ____ in bounds
TENNIS:you _____ alternate with your opponent on serves don't
TENNIS:after the first game and all ____ numbered games, the players _______ odd..change ends of the court
TENNIS:the _____ of the serve can recieve points recieving side
BAGS:boxes should be _____ ft apart and each team should have __ bags 30...4
BAGS:one member from each team _____throwing bags alternates
BAGS:if a players foot goes past the front of the box it is called a _____ foot foul
BAGS:if a bag goes in the hole, it is worth___ points, a bag that lands on the box is worth ____ points and a bag touching the ground is worth ____ 3...2...0
BAGS:each round the two throwers____points from one another (____), leaving a point total that will be added to the pre existing total deduct...cancel out
BAGS:the ____ throws their bags first each round winning team
BAGS:a ____ determines who throws first in round 1 coin flip
BAGS:if a player throws out of turn they_____ lose their throw
BAGS:the team who wins the round will ____ throw first in the next round
SKATING:_____is an important aspect of skating balance
SKATING:skating demonstrated the _____ compontent of fitnessq cardiovascular
SKATING:what are the two options of skates? inlines and quads
PICKLEBALL:in pickleball, a team can only score when___ serving
PICKLEBALL:the net is hung __ feet above ground 3
PACKLEBALL:each team must play their first shot off the _____ bounce
PICKLEBALL:after two bounces have occured (one on each side) the ball can be either played off the ___ or___ the air
PICKLEBALL:the server is not allowed to ____the ball before hitting it bounce
PICKLEBALL:if you do not ___ the ___ on a serve it is called a ____
PICKLEBALL:both members of each team PICKLEBALL:will ____ and fault before the serve is turned over to the ______ serve...opposing team
PICKLEBALL:when the _____ wins a point, its players will ____ ____ of the court and the same player will continue to serve serving team.....switch sides
PICKLEBALL:the serve is made ______ cross court and must clear the ____-_____ zone diagnally.....non-volley
PICKLEBALL:the game is played to ___ points however a team must win by __ points 11.....2
PICKLEBALL:pickleball may be played ____ or ____ doubles or singles
BADMITTEN:if you win a match, that means you have won __ our of __ games 2...3
BADMITTEN:the center of the net should be ___ft tall whidh is slightly ___than both ends of the net 5...lower
BADMITTEN:a ____is won when the shuttle lands on the opposing teams court ralley
BADMITTEN:the winning team needs ___ points to win but if a game is ____ the teams play to 17 15..set
BADMITTEN:only the ____side can win durring a rally serving
BADMITTEN:a shuttle cannot touch any part of ____ a persons body
BADMITTEN:serves must be ____ underhand
BADMITTEN:the court dimmensions for a double match is ___ft X___ft which is different than a singles match 44...22
BADMITTEN:a ____decides what team serves first and what ____of___ a team is on coin toss...side of court
BADMITTEN:game starts with ___-___ which is called a ____ all
BADMITTEN:players change ends at the ____ of the ____ AND when the leading score reachers __ in a game of __ points in the ____game end of the game....8...15..third
FITNESS:the best time to find you resting heart rate is ___- in the morning
FITNESS:at rest, you heart rate should beat ___-____bpm 50-90
FITNESS:your targer heart rate should be ___-___% of your ______ heart rate 60-80...maximum
FITNESS:your ____ helps guide and moniter you fitness level target heart rate
FITNESS:220-age= maximum heart rate
FITNESS:progression is an increase or change in the ____(type) ____ (how hard), ____ (how long) and ___ (how often) over a period of time mode...intensity.....duration...frequency
FITNESSlresting heart rate typically ___ with age and are ____ in physically fit people increses....lower
Created by: mfishie
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