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ZRT Biochem

What 2 monosaccharides make up lactose? Galactose and glucose
What 2 monosaccharides make up sucrose? Glucose and fructose
Which polysaccharide is composed of glucose units linked by alpha-1,4-linkages? amylose
What polysaccharide has glucose linked by alpha-1,4 and alpha,1-6 linkages glycogen
What polysaccharide has long chains of alpha-1,4- linkages and every 25 molecules has an alpha-1,6- branch? Amylopectin
What polysaccharide has glucose moleculesbound at beta 1-4 linkages cellulose
Which disaccharide has 2 glucose units Maltose
Salivary amylase breaks down what type of linkages alpha-1,4
Maltase cleaves which linkage? Alpha-1,4
The enzymes maltase, sucrase, dextrinase and lactase are found where? In the brush borders of the mucosal cells
What is the rate limited enzyme in the reaction of fructose to glucose? Fructokinase
What is the rate limiting enzyme in the reaction of galactose to glucose? galactokinase
Dextrin is only released from the hydrolysis of which polysacchardie Amylopectin
What hormone is released when glucose levels are high? Insulin
Which organ keeps a constant level of glucose in teh blood by storing and producing it as needed? Liver
Which tissues do not require insulin to take up glucose? Brain, RBC, Liver
Which hormones are released when glucose levels are down? Glucagon Epinephrine Cortisol
Which of the catecholamines stimulates gluconeogenesis? Epinephrine
Glucokinase is only found in which organs? Liver
In what part of the cell does glycolysis occur? Cytosol
What enzyme allows the liver to trap glucose in the form of glucose-6-phosphate Glucokinase
What are the 3 rate limiting enzymes of glycolysis? Glukokinase/hexokinase Phosphofructokinase Pyruvate kinase
How many molecules of pyruvate do we get from one molecule of glucose? 2
What mineral is required for the phosphorylation reactions of glucokinase and phosphofructokinase? Magnesium
What is the net "harvest" from aerobic glycolysis? 8 ATP
Which Krebs cycle intermediate inhibits action of phosphofructokinase and therefore inhibits glycolysis Citrate
What is the net harvest of anaerobic glycolysis? 2 ATP
What is the aerobic fate of pyruvate? Acetyl SCoA
Created by: Krys2287