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Internal Med-1

Internal Med-Test1, StackB

cough etiology (4) 6 xs (mainly wind; wind-cold most common), emotionals factors (LV-qi), irreg diet (ht or damp), LU dz
Pathology (4) external path, internally path, LU qi or yin xu, imbalance of other organs affectig LU
LV, SP (HT, KD too) organs majorly affected cough
crucial pts for diag (2) dis w/ external or internal, identify character of cough (acute/chronic), dis char of phl (color, volume)
General Principles of tx External cough: dispel evil, diffuse LU; internal: restor proper funct of organs; T. xu, elim evil qi
3 external patterns = wind-cold, wind-ht, wind-dry
5 internal patterns damp-phl in LU, ht-phl in LU, LV-fire insults LU, LU yin xu, LU qi xu from cold
wind-cold in LU San Ao Tang + Zhi Sou San;
wind-cold in LU (2) Xiao Qing Long Tang
wind-ht Sang Ju Yin (Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang)
warm-dry; cool-dry Sang Xing Tang; Xing Su San
damp-phl in the LU Er Chen Tang + San Zi Yang Qin Tang
damp-phl in the LU (Sp involve) SP generates phl use LIu Jin Zi Tang
damp-phl in the LU (phl-cold affects LU, KD) phl-cold obstucts LU w/ KD yang qi xu > Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang
ht-phl in LU or LV-fire Qing Jin Hua Tan Tang
ht-phl in LU Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan
LV-fire insults the LU Xie Bai San or Qing Jin Hua Tang Tang + Dai Ge San
LU yin xu (1) Bai He Gu Jin Tang
LU yin xu (2) Yue Hua Wan
LU yin xu (3) Bu Fei E Jiao Tang
LU yin xu (4) Sha Sha Mai Men Dong
LU qi xu from cold Wen Fei Tang
Created by: carneybrendan