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Medieval test

serf a person who lived on feudal land and farmed it were protected by the lords
noble high ranking social lands wealthy land owners
Middle Ages a period in Europe from about 500AD to 1500 Began after Roman empire
Vassal a person who held land from a lord or superior
dubbing a ceremony to make a squire a knight
knight a feudal warrior trained and prepared on horseback
manor it was a farming estate that included houses
feudalism a social, political and economic system used in the middle ages as their social class system
crusades the holy wars
guild a group of craftspeople or merchants who are united by a common interest
chivalry a knight code of behavior
page a boy around 7 years old that learned to ride a horse to read and write and many other things
Muslim a believer in Islam
Squire the stage after a page of becoming a knight
missionary teacher of religion
what are the three major rivers in Europe Rhine, Volga, Danube
what are the parts in the feudal system? from top to bottom monarch, lords, knights, serfs or peasants
why did the people stay on the manors it met all of the needs, lord protected the people
what is the magna Carta contained 63 clauses stated that no freeman could be imprisoned, except by law
the crusades were....... wars fought to regain the holy land
the crusades were fought between Christians and Muslims
why did the black plague spread quickly they had no vaccinations for it
how many percent of people died from the plague? 25-33%
name three people who belong to a guild baker tailor weaver
in which 2 regions would you fins europe farms north european plains and northeast mountains
what was the system of government in the middle ages feudalism
first step of knighthood a boy at age seven is a page and learns to ride a horse and to hunt
next step of knighthood at age fourteen the page becomes a squire and is always at his lords side ready to assist him then the night before becoming a knight he prays then the day of to become a knight you need the touch of a blade on the shoulder
last stage of a knight he had is own armor weapons
the 4 parts of a manor farmland, meadow land, waste land, and the village.
monarchs highest ranking
lords respected the monarch in return the monarch granted the lord an estate
knights said that they would give their life up for other people
serf lived on land and farmed it slept in a mud brick building
the _________helped to keep track of people and property Domesday Book
The ________ from present day Norway, Denmark, and Sweden invaded the holy Roman Empire. One of their strongest leaders was___________. Vikings, William the Conqueror
_________ was crowned ruler of England in 1199. King John
Created by: khart18