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7th History Final

Ch. 15

As a result of the South's surrender, the Texas state government Collapsed
Unionists who did not join the army Were arrested, were forced into the army, and were killed while attempting to flee to Mexico
Sam Houston refused To take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy
Most Southerners in the 1850's believed that the rise of the Republican Party would mean The end of the Southern way of life
Sacrifices made by Texans included coffee substitutes, no newspapers, homespun clothing
Members of the 1861 convention in Montgomery, Alabama, formed the Confederate States of America
Texas volunteers served in the army of other states
Most delegates to the Texas convention after the 1860 election favored secession
The constitution of the Confederacy was much like the constitution of the United States
The constitution of the Confederate States of America was like that of the United States except states were given more power
The Battle of the Sabine Pass was an important victory for the Confederacy
Union leaders wanted to gain control of Galveston because it had a busy seaport
The Act of Conscription allowed for the hiring of substitutes for military service
The North's victory in the Civil War meant the Union was preserved
Economic changes in Texas during the Civil War included farmers planted more corn and wheat, cotton production declined, Texas opened factories to manufacture weapons
Most Southern states supported states' rights because they felt they should make their own decisions about tariffs, distributions of public lands, and slavery
Immediately following the surrender of the Confederacy in Texas the state government of Texas collapsed, officials fled to Mexico to escape Union troops, lawless bands roamed the countryside
The 8th Texas Calvary Regiment, which fought in more battles than did any other calvary regiment in the Civil War, was also known as Terry's Texas Rangers
The U.S. president who appointed a provisional governor for Texas was Andrew Johnson
Nearly 30% of all Texans were against secession, but most supported the Confederacy
Civil War battle sites in Texas Sabine pass, Galveston, Brownsville, Palmito Ranch
Prisoner of war camps in Texas Tyler, Rusk, Hempstead
When Houston refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy, he was removed from office. ? , who had taken the oath, became governor Edward Clark
Advantages of the North during the Civil War more money, more soldiers, factories to make war materials
During the Civil War these products were scarce paper, salt, white flour
president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis
governor who wore a homespun suit to his inauguration Francis Lubbock
forced enrollment into military service conscription
Because of the Civil War slavery ended, the Confederacy was defeated, more than 600,000 people died
Texas who was postmaster general of the Confederacy John H. Reagan
these battles occurred along the Gulf Coast Galveston, Palmito Ranch
prisoner of war camps were located in the interior of the state to keep the prisoners away from battle sites and impeded attempts at escape or rescue
site of the LAST Civil War battle Palmito Ranch
site of the FIRST Civil War battle Fort Sumter
Most of the battle sites in Texas occured along the Gulf Coast because trade from Texas ports was important to the South's war efforts and the region was the most easily accessible to Northern troops
Which city -Austin, San Antonio, or Galveston- was the site of a Civil War battle? Galveston
city where vigilantes hanged suspected Unionists Gainesville
the woman who turned her luxurious Galveston home into a hospital Rosanna Osterman
the Texas Secession Convention ordered all state officials to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy
president of the United States, elected 1860 Abraham Lincoln
Describes the Red River Campaign Richard Taylor commanded the Confederate troops, the Confederated were outnumbered, the fighting was in Louisiana near the TX border
African American Texan who won the Congressional Medal of Honor Milton Holland
Texans learned that General Lee had surrendered a month before the battle at Palmito Ranch from captured prisoners
this many Texans served in the Confederate Army 60,000
battle that dashed Union plans to launch a major campaign against Texas Sabine Pass
If the Republicans won the 1860 election, Southern leaders threatened to secede from the Union
Texas governors Lubbock and Murrah spent much of their time in office working for the Confederate war effort
This state did NOT secede from the Union Kentucky
During the Civil War, women worked on farms, served as nurses, sewed uniforms for troops
Despite a blockade of its ports, Texas continued to send cotton to Europe through Mexico
governor of Texas who opposed secession Sam Houston
city where Union forces launched an invasion of Texas in 1864 New Orleans
Created by: AHoldeman
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