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Apush Chapt 2

Apush Chapter 2

England’s Imperial Stirrings Central and South America was largely controlled by Spain or Portugal, but North America was mostly unclaimed.Spain had established Santa Fe. France had established Quebec. Britain had just established Jamestown, and it was dutch
King Henry VIII had broken with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s, brining the Protestant Reformation to England and thus creating religious division.
Francis Drake pirated Spanish ships for gold
Sir Walter Raleigh established the Roanoke Island Colony, later to become known as The Lost Colony. Raleigh returned to England and the colony vanished mysteriously.
Spanish Armada Spain plotted revenge on England and in 1588 their Spanish Armada attacked England only to get themselves defeated. The turning point in history was a large one…
primogeniture existed where the firstborn son inherits ALL of the father’s land. Therefore, younger sons who were landless, wanted to leave and go to America.
joint-stock company people invest money with hopes and expectations the company will do well. Thus the investor will make money as a share-owner.
Lord De La Warr forced them to return, brought more discipline, and brought much-needed supplies
First Anglo-Powhatan War ended in 1614. It was sealed by the marriage of Pocahontas to colonist John Rolfe.
Second Anglo-Powhatan War (1644-1646) saw the Indians defeated soundly. The results were… The Indians were effectively banished from the Chesapeake. The notion was born that Indians and whites cannot live together peaceably—the beginnings of the reservations system were brewing.
“three D’s” disease (smallpox was the worst), disorganization (since they were not united, the whites could fight one tribe at a time), and disposability (since the whites had no use for Indians, they were simply pushed out).
Three major things happened in 1619 House of Burgesses, a basic legislature to work out local issues. This set America on a pathway self-rule.The first blacks were brought to America. women
Lord Baltimore Maryland in 1634. catholic haven
Act of Toleration guaranteed religious toleration to all Christians, Protestant or Catholic.Maryland
“The Restoration” the kingdom was restored to England.charles 2
Iroquois Confederacy Indians
John Wesley the founder of Methodism(indy to christ)
James Oglethorpe founded Georgia in 1733 and named after King George II
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