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all vocab from my french 2 class

acheter quelque chose to buy something
mieux agir la prochaine fois to do better next time
aller chercher quelqu'un to pick up someone
cesser de faire quelque chose to stop doing something
cesser de se ronger les ongles to stop biting one's nails
commencer à faire quelque chose to start to do something
écrire une lettre à quelqu'un to write a letter to someone
être à l'heure to be on time
ne pas s'inquiéter not to worry
maigrir to lose weight
ranger sa chambre to clean one's room
payer une dette to pay a debt
prendre soin de quelque chose to take care of something
prier pour quelqu'un to pray for somebody
rembourser de l'argent emprunté to pay back borrowed money
rendre visite à quelqu'un to visit somebody
aller à l'église to go to church
être désavoué to be disavowed, turned down
le mandat the mandate
l'appui the support
un déchirement a tearing, a splitting apart
vous aurez élu you will have elected
vive long live
l'agneau lamb
à la in the style of
à la forestiàre garnished with mushrooms, bacon cubes, and fried diced potatoes
à la jardiniàre garnished with carrots, turnips, and peas
amandine with almonds
au jus in the natural juices of the meat
au poivre seasoned with peppercorns
une blanquette an egg-yolk-thickened cream sauce
en brochette on skewers, kabob
en croûte wrapped and baked in pastry
florentine prepared with spinach
julienne cut into thin strips
provençal with tomatoes and garlic
un ragoût stew
sauté fried over high heat in oil or fat
un tournedos fillet steak
une vinaigrette mixture of vinegar, oil, and sometimes mustard, seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes herbs (often used as salad dressing)
des produits latiers milk products
la choucroute sauerkraut
les bretzels (m) pretzels
la tarte flambée a thick, creamy onion tart
le Munster cheese: strong, penetrating smell and a tangy taste when fully mature
le Cantal cheese: of the cheddar family, can have sweet or strong taste, with a grayish-brown rind
le boeuf bourguignon regional stew: beef simmered in Burgundy and cooked with cubes or bacon, baby mushrooms, and inoins
les escargots à la bourguignonne snails served in shells with a rich parsley and garlic butter sauce
la moutarde de Dijon made from high-quality mustard seeds, local wine, and verjus
les craquelins (m) griddlecakes
Conjugation of connaître je connais tu connais il connait nous connaissons vous connaissez ils connaîssent
Created by: iluvhorses