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Disease Final--


chronic infection o fthe skin, SQ tissue, sometimes bone; characterized by discharging sinuses filled with organisms; generally found in foot Mycetoma
common skin condition caused by surface infection with type of yeast that normally lives on skin Tinea versicolor
what prep dissolves epithelial cells to reveal hyphae with characteristic branching patterns KOH preps
cutaneous funcus that infect skin, hair, nails, grow in keratinized layer of skin, not invasive into underlying tissue, leads to scaling of skin via keratinase Dermatophytes, contagious
Tineas, dermatophytes characterized by ___ location
Tinea capitis hair/scalp
beared area tinea____ barbae
'athlete's foot" tinea pedis
tinea cruris groin/perineal, "jock itch"
Tinea unguium nails/onychomycosis
Tinea corporis fungal infection of body/face
mold found on rose thorns, hay, sphagnum moss, twigs, soil Sporotrichosis, "rose Gardener's disease"
diaper rash, yeast vaginitis, thrush caused by Candida
hosts for candida immunocopromised
yeast with a capsule cryptococcus neoformans
systemic disease, of reticuloendothelial system, manifest in bones marro, lungs, liver, spleen from blackbird roosts, chicken house, bat guano Histoplasma capsulatum
endemic in Ohis, Missouri, Mississippi River valeys, thrives on rich, damp soil Histoplasma capsulatum
etiologic for coccidioidomycosis in San Joaquin Valley of Fever Coccidioides immitis
primarily a pulmonary dz, the spherules enlarge and divide, rupture, releasing endospores and reproduce coccidioidomycosis
chronic granulomatoud dz progresses slowly, pulm/skin infection common, but also bone, prostate Blastomyces dermatitidis
meningitis, pulmonary; ecological niche is pigeon, chicken droppings and spread through respiratory system; yeast spherical cells, buds are narrow based, surrounded by capsule cryptococcus neoformans
hyphae, small airborne conida, ubiquitous, from moldy organic material, inhaled, seen by silver stain aspergillus fumigatus
non-septate filamentous hyphae, proliferate in blood vessel walls, infections in ketoacidotic diabetics and cancer pts Mucor and Rhizopus
obligate organisms, not grown in lab, common, causes atypical PNA if immunocompromised or premies causes interstitial PNA Pneumocystis jiroveci
student in town in Ohio river valley became ill after leaning chicken coup, whith organism is most likely responsible? Histoplasma capsulatum
branching G(+) rod part of the oral cavity flora, can invade across fascial planes to produce draining sinuses Actinomyces isrealii
monomorphic fungus opportunistic especially in neuropenics Aspergillus fumigatus
normal flora in humans, can be opportunistic if there is a defect in cell mediated immunity Candida albicans
primary fungal pathogen causing meningitis Cryptococcus neoformans
primary fungal pathogen causing PNA if inhaled Coccidioides immitis
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