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TSOF Met Abbrev

AU Aviation weather abbreviations

CB Cumulonimbus
AC Altocumulus
Ci Cirrus
AS Altostratus
ST Stratus
CU Cumulus
SC Stratocumulus
BECMG Becoming
VC Vicinity
FM From
HZ Haze
RA Rain
TS Thunderstorm
G Gusting
GR Hail
T Temperature
PROB Probability
TAF Aerodrome Forecast
TTF Trend type forecast
MI Shallow
BC Patches
PR Partial
DR Drifting
BL Blowing
SH Showers
FZ Freezing
DZ Drizzle
SN Snow
SG Snow grains
DU Dust
SA Sand
SS Sand storm
DS Dust storm
GS Small hail /snow pellets
BR Mist
FU Smoke
HZ Haze
PO Dust devil
SQ Squall
FC Funnel cloud
VA Volcanic ash
IC Ice Crystals
PL Ice pellets
+ Heavy
- Light
SKC Sky clear
ISOL Isolated
FEW Few (1 - 2 Oktas)
SCT Scattered (3 - 4 Oktas)
BKN Broken ( 5 - 7 Oktas)
OVC Overcast ( 8 Oktas)
NSC Nil significant cloud
RMK Remark
INTER For periods of less than 30 minutes
TEMPO For periods of more than 30 minutes but less than 60 minutes
PROV Provisional
CNL Cancelled
COR Corrected
AMD Amended
Cavok Visibility greater than 10km, No cloud below 5,000 feet or 25 NM minimum sector altitude and no CB at any height, no weather of significance to aviation.
MOD Moderate
SEV Severe
TURB Turbulence
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