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world history

Three Things to Remember -Industrialization caused true world-wide interdependence -Populations grew, people moved from the country into the cities to work in factories -Women gained some economic opportunities
Three more things to Remember -Western culture influenced Asia and Africa, because of imperialism -Rise of the Proletariat as a social force -Revolutions were inspired because of the Enlightenment ideals
important dates 1750- beginning of industrialization with the water frame in Manchester England 1776-First enlightenment revolution. 1800’s nationalism 1800’s Imperialism 1860 Emancipation of serfs and slaves 1914 Eve of World War One
Industrialization began the in___ of england, but soon spread___? textile industry,to other industries
Industrialization Led to a desperate search for ? raw materials especially cotton, rubber, and “drug foods
Industrialized nations wanted? competition-free markets for their finished products
Changes in Global Commerce, Communication and Technology were? Modes of Transportation and communication like the Impact of railroad, steam engine, telegraph Suez Canal, Panama Canal
who created capitalism? Adam smith
who was Karl Marx? a German economist and philosopher
what did Karl Marx do? he Pointed out that factory workers were being exploited by capitalism
How did Karl Marx affect the social classes? Working class would eventually revolt and take over means of production
why was waged labor more desirable than slaves? Cheaper and more efficient.
during industrialization populations? grew as disease was eradicated, hygiene improved, and food became cheaper.
what happened during Women’s emancipation movements? Women gained economic opportunities in the factories, but were not paid equally. Middle class women separated themselves from their lower class counterparts
what happened to slaves and serfs? their emancipation took through proletariat class in the cities or a poor peasant class in the country
name all the Revolutions that took place during this time? United States (1776) France (1789) Haiti (1803) Mexico (1910) China (1911)
Enlightenment said that the government to be __to the people? responsive
Changes Change: Industrialization changed almost everything- the way people worked, lived, traveled, related to their families and communicated. Change: rise of the middle class and new governmental structures
Continuities Continuity: Religion continues to be a force for conservatism Continuity: Patriarchal gender structure remains
Created by: studybuff345