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past Asia

The Crusades began and ended in what year, and what was the purpose for them happening? Began in 1095 and ended in 1212 – effort by Christians to gain control of Holy Land and Muslims were successful in holding them back
during 1450-1750 the ottoman empire? Took control of Constantinople in 1453, had Civil service system, bureaucracy and Extensive slave systems
During 1750 – 1914 „ Ottoman Decline occurred and the ottomans fought and lost many things name some of these. Fought Napoleon and lost land o Fought the Russians and lost land o Fought the Greeks and Bulgarians and lost land
what happened to the ottoman empire once it came to and end? in 1918 Ottoman lands were divided up and put under control and “protection” of the Mandate System operated by the France and Great Britain (under the authority of the League of Nations)
After the Holocaust, many Jews emigrated to? to Israel
Shang Dynasty was the first major dynasty (1766-1027 BCE) name some facts about the shang dynasty Oracle bones were used to communicate with ancestors o Pictograph writing o Ancestor worship and fortune telling common
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