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Gr 5 Social Studies

Virginia SOL Practice: Geography and First Permanent English Settlement

What is the Coastal Plain (Tidewater) region like? Flat land
What is the Piedmont region like? Rolling hills
What important cities are on the James River? Richmond and Jamestown
What important Virginia city is on the Potomac River? Alexandria
What were the three major language groups found in Virginia? Algonquian, Siouan, Iroquoian
How are Virginia's Indians referred to? Eastern Woodland Indians
What did the English think they would find in America? Silver and gold
How was Jamestown financed? By the stockholders of the Virginia Company of London
Where was Jamestown located when it was first established and where is Jamestown located today? It was established on a narrow peninsula surrounded on three sides by the James River. It is now on an island in the James River.
What did the charters given by the King of England to the Virginia Company of London do? Gave the Virginia Company the right to establish a settlement in North America, established companies to begin colonies in the New World, and extended English rights to the colonists
When was the first Virginia Assembly? 1619
What helped the Jamestown colonists survive? The arrival of two supply ships, the forced work program and the strong leadership of Captain John Smith, and the emphasis on self-sustaining agriculture
Who did the early settlers trade with and what did each group trade? The Powhatans - the Powhatans traded food, fur, and leather for tools, pots, guns, and other goods
When did women arrive in Jamestown? 1620
Created by: sdlr