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Disease Final

Rickettsia and Spirochetes

Rickettsia causes a tick-borne illness resulting in fever and petechial rash Rocky Mountain Spotted fever
reference standard in RMSF serology, currently used by CDC and most state labs indirect immunofluoroscopy assay
what titers show up in the pt by the end of the first week of illness IgM antibody
which antibodies are more specific and reliable since other bacterial infections can also cause elevated rickettsial ___ Ab titers? IgG are reliable; others show IgM Abs.
Obligate intracellular, not well gram stain, transmitted by vectors. Rickettsia
Characteristics of contracting rickettsia summer, tick bite, invades blood vessels, vasculitis, fever, chils, HA, myalgia, N/V, mac rash from peripheral to core
what is fastest to detect antigen in skin punch biopsies? Fluorescent Ab test, but only available in reference laboratory.
primary diagnostic tool for rickettsia serology, indirect immunofluoroscopy
mechanism of widespread purpura? Organism invasion and destruction of endothelial cells
how does rickettsia infect epithelial cells lining blood vessels? by parasite-induced phagocytosis
illness associated with animal scratches, chronic swelling of lymph nodes, the most common cause of chronic lymph swelling in kids cat scratch dz.
cause of cat scratch fever, ID in an area of necrosis in suppurative granuloma Bartonella henselae
how to diagnose RMSF clinical and epidemiologic criteria, vector of ticks, ab therapy immediately
gram (-) envelope but are not gram stainable, spiral shaped, thin, silver stain visualized spirochetes
spirochete virulence factor induces inflamm rxn w or w/o tissue destruction
dx based on material from lesions (chancres), clinical presentation, serology for non-___antibodies and antibodies Treponema pallidum
multistage disease, primary, secondary, tertiary caused by Treponema pallidum Syphilis
tests: inexpensive, high sens, low spec, nonspecific antigen Non-treponemal tests (reaginic)
Non-trep tests for screening VDRL-Venereal disease research lab test and RPR-rapid plasma reagin test -> false+ on OB, elderly, viral
Treponemal Antibody Tests: expensive, high sens/better spec, confirmation FTAP-ABS (fluorescent trep Ab-absorption test) MHA-TP (microhemagglutination-Trep pallidum test)
Non tender indurated chancre with smooth margins, highly infectious; regional lymphadenopathy, heals spontaneously primary syphilis
rash, condylomata, alopecia, consistent serologic pattern, rise/fall RPR before/after tx secondary syphilis
late symptomatic with + trep test in association with typical neurologic or CV signs; +serology and +CSF-VDRl tertiary syphilis
diffuse maculopapular rash on trunk, bilateral mac rash on both feet, perianal condyloma lata secondary syphilis
if mother is affected less than 2 years, still birth, abortion or neonatal death possible from congenital syphilis
what would be the gram stain of an intial lesion of primary syphilis? no identifiable lesion: trep is not a great gram stain: too small to show up
the serum from a would be actress is positive for VDRL and FTA-ABS test. What is likely causative organism? treponema pallidum for syphilis
cause of lyme disease by deer tick bite or ixodes tick Borrelia burgdorferi
symptoms: polyarthritis, neuro impairment, fatigue late lyme disease
what causes yaws, syphilis, endemic syphilis and pinta ? Treponema
flexible, spiral-shaped, G(-) nonstaining spirochete with internal flagella that causes recurrent febrile bacteremia Borrelia spp.
pleomorphic organism, lacks cell wall, not need a host, common cause community acquired PNA; gliding motility, filamentous tips Mycoplasma pneumoniae
Non staining bacteria: Rickettsia, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Borrelia
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