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Disease Final

Mycobacterium, Chlamydia, Neisseria

Mycobacterium is what staining? acid fast
Obligate aerobes, poor gram staining, acid fast stain due to waxy/hydrophobic lipid layer mycobacterium
Two forms of staining for Mycobacterium (TB) Acid fast, Ziehl Neelson Stain
2 factors for Mycobacterium Resp spread; virulence is cell envelope
granuloma, central caseating necrosis, Langhan giant cells, mononuclear cells, malignant infiltrates, most likely dx? TB via Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Specialized culture media of Mycobacteria Lowenstein-Jensen rapid broth provides high lipid content
Granuloma, acid fast, Ziehl-Neelson=acid fast bacilli means Mycobacterium
Opportunistic Mycobacteria in immunocompromised MAI, Myco. avium-intracellullare
Acid fact organism causing leprosy Myco. leprae
ipsilateral lymphadenopathy due to infected lymph drained along interstitium to hilar and mediastinal lymph; characteristic of primary TB along with hilar lymph node Ghon Comples
what is the most likely cause of infection by an acid-fast organism in a 27 y/o with AIDS Mycobacterium avium
destroys peripheral/motor nerves; untreated casn lead to painful renal inflammation, anaesthetize extremities, deformity/incurable blindness; physical injury/impaired circulation leprosy
Obligate intracellular that cannot make ATP, like a virus; but has borth DNA/RNA like bacteria Chlamydia
Invades columnar epithelium, where inflammation leads to destructiong: Cevicitis, Nongonococcal urethritis, inclusion conjuctivitis, infant PNA; most common STD in the US Chlamydia trachomatis
acquired during delivery, infection 4-11 weeks after birth, resp distress, rhinitis, cough, afebrile Chlamydia trachomatis
disease called granular conjunctivis is contagious, chronic inflamm of mucus membranes Trachoma
chlamydia inicated by what type of labeling? Direct Immunofixation antibody labeling (DIF)
disease in pet/zoo/flocks of birds, exposed to infected bird or dried excrements, atypical PNA, HA, fever, mac rash, nonproductive cough, rales Chlamydia psittaci
spread by resp secretions, atypical PNA, bronchitis, sinusitis, not an STD; inclusions chlamydia pneumoniae
Non-gram staining, smallest free bacteria than larger viruses, resp spread, attaches to epithelium leading to necrosis, atypical walking PNA, streaky lung infiltrates on CXR, dx based on presentation (not culture) Mycoplasma pneumoniae
species of mycoplasma, metabolizes urea (urea-lytic), causes urethritis and prostatitis Ureaplasma urealyticum
G(-), kidney bean shape diplococci and the only pathogenic G(-) cocci Neisseria
phagocytic uptake is reduced due to what virulence factor capsule
reservoir/transmission of neisseria? nasopharynx; spread by Respiratory
< 1y/o, Army recuits in close quarters, or asplenic pt/functional asplenia are at risk for neisseria meningitidis
meningococcemia with acute fever, rash, joint/muscle pain and petechial rash; also Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome Neisseria meningitidis
Gram (-) septic shock, HoTN, Petechial leasions, adrenal hemorrhage, DIC are symptpoms of what Neisseria disease? Waterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome
type of media of Neisseria blood, chocolare, Thayer Martin VCN
4 Virulence factors for Neiserria gonorrhea Pili to attach mucosal cells, changing antigens to prevent immunity to reinfection, IgA protease, Endotoxin
Urethritis, epididymitis, anorectal lesions, pharyngitis in who? Male - gonorrhea
Asymptomatic endocervicitis, PID, anorectal lesions ,pharyngitis in who? Female - gonorrhea
Neiserria causes infant infection that is the reason for prophylactic tx called? ophthalmia neonatorium
G(-)diplococci, aerobic cultures on Thayer-Martin media reveal oxidase positive colonies Neisseria gonorrhea
what does the specialized media do for Neisseria? inhibits normal flora, eliminates G(+), not G-stains and are not cocci
CSF eval shows neutrophils, low glucose, high protein, G(-) diplococci. infection is likely to be Neisseria meningitidis
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