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History final 6b

The record of what has happened to mankind history
indian tribe who joined the Pilgrims for Thanksgiving Wampanoag
1st permenant English settlement in the New World Jamestown
European country that controlled the 13 original colonies England
Famous Virginian who gained military experience during the French & Indian War G. Washington
Most famous ancient S. American Indian civilization Inca
The "George Washington" of S. America Simon Bolivar
Explorer who discovered the North Pole Robert Peary
1st black major league baseball player Robinson
Special Advisor on Minority Affairs to F.D.Roosevelt Mary Bethune
Japanese military leader during WW11 Tojo
Developer of the assembly line Ford
Commander of WW11 Allied Powers, later president Eisenhoward
1st man to walk on the moon Armstrong
Founder of tuskegee institute Booker T. Washington
Developer of 285 uses for peanuts George Washinton Carver
Inventors of the airplane Wilbur & Orville
Inventor of the telegraph Samuel Morse
Inventor of the mechanical reaper Cyrus McCormick
Inventor of the light bulb Thomas Edison
Inventor of the 1st liquid fuel rocket Robert H. Goddard
Most famous U.S. evangelist of the 19th century Dwight L. Moody
President during the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy
1st president to resign from office Nixon
Pastor who led led the civil rights movement in the U.S. Martin Luther King
President who appointed the 1st woman Supreme Court Ronald Reagan
Communist leader who agreed to "perestroika" (restructing) Gorfachar
Most influential leisure-time invention of the 1950's TV
Opera singer among the most admired women of her time Marian Anderson
Law to ensure voting, housing, & job rights for minorities 1664 Civil Rights Act
U.S. president responsible for the peace treaty between Egypt & Isreal Carter
Operation Desert Storm was directed against this country Iraq
the biggest (not deepest) canyon in the U.S. Grand Canyon
Extremely dry region in S.America Atacama Desert
Capitol of Canada Atawa
Capital of Brazil Brazilia
Grassy plains region in the Temperate Zone Prarie
Major Mountian range in S. America Andes
Home to the world's largest tropical rain forest Amazon River Basin
Highest navigabal lake in S. America Titicaca
The Chinese Christian leader, Chaig Kai-Shek WW11
"Remember the Maine!" Spanish American War
Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield Civil War
Archduke Ferdinan's assassination WW1
Fascist Italian leader, Benito Mussolini WW11
The Emancipation Proclamation Civil War
German Kaiser Wilhelm 11 WW1
The bombing of Pearl Harbor WW11
President Woodrow Wilson WW1
President Franklin D.Roosevelt WW11
The Zimmerman Note WW1
Nazi German leader, Adolf Hitler WW11
The Battle of Gettysburg Civil War
General Tojo of Japan WW11
the 1st use of atomic bombs WW11
Communist leader, Joseph Stalin WW11
the rough riders Spanish American War
Emporer Hirohito of Japan WW11
American patriot who said "i only regret that i have but one life to loose for my country" Nathan Hale
Islamic terrorist group responsible for attacks including the attack of september 11, 2001 Alchada
a person who wants to preserve traditional beliefs and values Conservitive
Virginian who said, "give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry
two countries where U.S. military attacked terrorists in the "War on Terror" Iraq Afganastan
date that the Armistice ending WW1 was signed 11-11-1918
the name for the day on which WW11 ended in Europe V.E. Day
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