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Mash Histo II Test1C

NWHSU Histology 2 Test 1 - Circulatory System

Which specialized cardiac muscle fibers are smaller, have fewer gap junctions and fewer intercalated discs than regular cardiac muscles fibers? AV Node
How would these specialized cells (AV Node) function differently than regular cardiac muscle? SLOWER conduction speed through the AV node (.01 m/sec vs. 0.3 m/sec for working atrial muscle)
Name the blood vessel described: primary factor in maintenance of normal arterial blood pressure Arteriole
Name the blood vessel described: Endothelium usually the most responsive to histamine and so is very important in the inflammatory response Venules
Name the blood vessel described: Often associated with phagocytic cells Discontinuous sinusoids
The Atheromatous plaque begins in the A_________(layer) of the B._________ (vessel) A. Tunica Intima B. Arteries (is not found in veins)
What type of capillaries would be expected in an endocrine gland? Fenestrated capillaries
Compared to a medium sized artery, a medium sized vein has more A.______ and less B. ________ A. Collagen B. Smooth muscle and elastic
Which cells of the heart secrete angiopeptins? Atrial myocytes
Which group of cardiac muscle cells has the SLOWEST transmission speed? AV Node
Give the components of the parietal pericardium. Outer dense fibrous layer and Inner serous layer
Calcific Valve disease usually affects the ________ valve. Aortic valve
What are the two main consequences of atheroma in the coronary arteries? Impaired blood flow and Thrombus formation (blood clot)
Describe the parietal pericardium: The outer layer is composed of A. ______ and the inner layer is composed of B.________ A. Dense fibrous CT membrane B. Inner Serous Layer
What type of capillary would most likely be found in endocrine organs? Fenestrated capillary
In most people, the sinoatrial (SA) node in the pacemaker. What makes it the pacemaker? Greatest rate of intrinsic depolarization
The atrial and ventricular muscles are connected by the _______ Cardiac skeleton
Describe the tunica media of an elastic artery. Alternating sheets of smooth muscle and elastic
What portion of the conducting system pierces the cardiac skeleton? AV Bundle
What would happen if this structure was damages? There would be no conductance to the ventricles
How does the cytology of purkinje fibers differ from that of regular cardiac muscle fibers? Larger cells, more gap junctions, more intercalated discs, increased glycogen, decreased myofibrils
The parietal pericardium is non- distensible. Describe why? Due to the dense fibrous connective tissue in it.
Which cells of the arteriole would likely secrete a product which inhibits platelet aggregation? Endothelial cells in the tunica intima
Describe the structure of the least permeable capillary Continuous endothelium and basil lamina w/occluding junctions
Which cells of the heart secrete a product which causes relaxation of vascular smooth muscle and the loss of sodium and water through the kidney? Atrial myocardial cells (myocyte) secrete atrialpeptins
Choose the items below which describe an elastic artery. Put all correct. A. is primarily responsible for the maintenance of normal arterial blood pressure false (arterioles are responsible for pressure)
Choose the items below which describe an elastic artery. Put all correct. B. has a pronounced internal elastic lamina true
Choose the items below which describe an elastic artery. Put all correct. C. has abundant elastic in its tunica media D. has abundant smooth muscle in its tunica media true
How does the structure of the lacteal relate to its function? Discontinuous basal lamina, large molecules
In the heart, elastic tissue is an important component of the ______. atrial myocardium
Painful red streaks radiating from a puncture wound would suggest inflammation of the ______. lymphatic vessels
What type of capillary contributes to the blood-air barrier in the lung? continuous epithelium
Created by: AnatomyMash