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ELL Civics-Ch 9

statehood the condition of being a state; having all the rights and benefits of belonging to the United States of America
borough name for the local government in Alaska
charter a document that states a group's purpose and plan
parish name for the local government in Louisiana
reserved held aside for a special reason
exception a case in which a rule does not apply or is not followed
override to reject or not accept
preside to act as official leader or official
circumstance an event or condition
pardon to release or excuse someone from jail or prison
rehabilitation to help build or restore a person's physical or mental health and abilities
riot a public disturbance by a group of people
welfare programs set up to improve the lives of citizens who need special assistance
disorderly conduct disturbing public peace
domestic relations court a court that hears home and family disputes
felony a serious crime
juvenile court a court that hears cases of young people
magistrate a minor official similar to a justice of the peace
misdemeanor a minor crime
municipal court a court that hears civil cases, minor criminal offenses, and probate
probate court a municipal court that makes decisions about wills
small claims court a court that hears cases about small sums of money
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