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LBSS Test Words

Test Vocabulary

Analyze Systematically and critically examine each of the facts.
Compare Show how the facts or ideas are similar.
Contrast Show how the facts or ideas are different.
Define Set forth the meaning or make something clear.
Discuss Present a detailed argument or consideration.
Evaluate Determine the value
Identify Establish the essential characteristics of.
Illustrate Make clear by citing examples.
Interpret Present the subject at hand in understandable terms.
Infer Draw a conclusion based on given facts; predict
Justify Show or prove to be right or reasonable.
Sequence Arrange in meaningful order
Summarize Explain the main points.
Synthesize Combine the parts into a coherent whole.
Trace Review in detail
according to as stated in
action act, step, endeavor
affect influence, change
analyze break down into parts and explain relationships
apparent clear, obvious
appropriate suitable, correct
argument reason offered in proof for or against an idea
characterize represent, symbolize, show qualities of
classified arranged into groups according to specific categories
combined joined, united
compare/contrast explore similarities and differences
condition situation, circumstances
contribute add to, assist
correspond to conform, match, fit
current at the present time
data information, facts, figures
define give the exact meaning of
depend upon be determined by
describe give key information about
determine decide
development progress, growth
draw a conclusion make a judgment based on certain ideas/facts
emphasize stress, focus on, feature
evaluate judge the value of
event something that happens in a particular time/place
example illustration, representation
except all but, everything other than
excerpt selection, portion of a text
expanding growing, increasing
explain make clear and understandable
former previous, earlier
foundation base, support for conclusion
generalization general statement based on many examples
graph visual representation of facts/figures
identify find, pick out
impact affect, influence
indicate show, point out
inference a conclusion based on deduction, an informed guess
intend plan, design
interpret give your opinion, supported with reasons and details
involve be a part of
major significant, important
minor small, insignificant
occur happen
passage part of a written work, text
point location, position, main idea
primary main, most important
principle a basic law or truth
probably most likely
provide offer, supply
refer to use as a source of information
regulate control, manage
relate show the relationship or link between things
result findings, report
select choose
significant important, meaningful
similar nearly alike
topic subject
valid logical, suitable
Created by: jrlinkins