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Manifest destiny

holman chapter 12

Louisiana Purchase Purchase from France in 1803 for 15 million
Mexican Cession After losing war with USA, Mexico ceded California and New Mexico to USA for $15 million in 1848
Oregon Country Acquired after negotiating a treaty with Great Britain in 1846
Mountain Men Acted as guides for settlers crossing the Rocky Mountains.
Mountain Men hunted beaver and Buffalo in the Rocky Mountains
Pioneers left in early spring in order the cross the Rocky Mountains before the first snows
California and Mexico annexed by USA after the Mexican-American War
Sam Houston first president of the Republic of Texas
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed in 1848
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico was forced to cede New Mexico and California. USA paid Mexico $15 million for lands.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo established the Rio Grande River as the southern border between Mexico and the USA
Bear Flag Republic nickname for California
Lone Star republic Texas
James K Polk elected president in 1844 because he supported Manifest Destiny
Stepen Austin leader of the Americans in Texas
Goiliad famous battle in Texas where Mexican General Santa Anna killed all the Americans
Alamo location of important battle between Santa Anna and 150 Americans led by Day Crockett and William Travis
Santa Anna Mexican dicator defeated by Sam Houston
forty niners gold seekers who migrated to California in 1849
Mormons religious followers of Joseph Smith who settled in Salt Lake city, Utah
San Jacinto location near present day Houston, Tx where General Santa Anna of Mexico was defeated by Sam Houston
Manifest Destiny the belief that it was America's destiny to obtain all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Tejanos Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home
Stephan Austin he began to organize the small colony of Americans who settled in Texas.
cede to give
annex to take control of a place
Califorina and Texas first belonged to Mexico
boomtowns built overnight during the gold rush of California
Levi Strauss a Jewish immigrant who sold gold-miners sturdy work pants
Causes of Mexican War 1. border dispute over Texas 2. Manifest Destiny
James K Polk elected president because he favored taking Texas and Oregon
Missions religious settlements established by the Catholic Church in order to teach Indians
Jim Beckwourth African-American Mountain man who established trade with Indians
Prairie Schooners canvas covered wagons that settlers use to travel west. From a distance they looked like ships at sea
Brigham Young led thousand of Mormons west to Utah after the Murder of Joseph Smith
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