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Living in the South

Social Studies

the upper south is made up of _____ states. six
most of the upper south states are ____ and ____ rural and forested
in both arkansas and tennessee, more than half of the people live in ___ areas. urban
___, tennessee is a bustling transportation center. memphis
____ is the business of carrying people or goods from one place to another transportation
memphis has been called _________. america's distribution center
a ____ is a major center of activity. hub
_____ plays an important role in rural areas of the region. mining
people in the upper south work in a variety of ___ and ___ jobs. manufacturing and industry
high point north carolina is known as the _______. furniture capital of the world
___ have long been an important industry in the piedmont region of the upper south. textiles
when people do ___ they study something carefully to learn more about it. research
___ is the exchange of information. communication
what six states make up the upper south? arkansas, tennessee, kentucky, west virginia, north carolina, and virginia
an _________ includes people who share the same culture. ethnic group
_______ is the largest city in the south. houston, tx
a _________ is a place to live that is mapped out ahead of time. planned community
except for oklahoma all the staes in the lower south are major sources of _____. seafood
the lower south has many research centers. ____ research is done in many states. space
scientist in louisiana research _________. water pollution
_______ is anything that makes something impure or dirty. pollution
early leaders created a ____ system even before there was a united states postal
______ is a relationship in which people depend on each other. independance
the united states government has also helped build a network of roads called the ___________. interstate highway system
______ means wealth and success. prosperity
Created by: jgrindle
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