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Chapter18 Vocab.JH:)

favored using federal power to create new order in the south, citizenshipfor all. Radical Republicans
the process of readmitting Confederate states back to the Union. Reconstruction
help set up schools for African -Americans Freedmen's Bureau
was Lincoln's VP, then became President after Licoln died, and then was impeached. Andrew Johnson
rights granted to all citizens. civil rights
Stated all people were citizens, and had the same rights. Fourteenth Amendment
new set up schools fo African-American children freedmen's school
a system where a worked land is shared among the owner and worker. sharecropping
a secret group who despised African-Americans Ku Klux Klan
killing people right on the spot lynched
African-Americans can now vote(NOT women) Fifteenth Amendment
banks across the land that closed, caused by bad loans Panic of 1873
Hayes became President, in return, Republicans could question Democratics. Compromise of 1877
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