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European Explorers

What did John Cabot do? he was a merchant
How many ships was Cartier in charge of? three ships
What was the names of Cartiers three ships? Grand Hermine, Petite Hermine, and Emerillion
Paortugual and ____ didn't agree with Cabot Spain
What country was everyone trying to get to for goods? China
What was John Cabots original Italian name? Giovanni Caboto
Why did Cabot and his family move to Velncia Spain? Cabot wanted to be part of expanding frontiers of the exploration of the Atlantic Ocean
When Cartier moved on to Chaluerbay what did he encounter? Some Micmacs
Cabot's ship "Mathew" was named after whom? His wife Mattea
Jacques Cartier sailed as a navigator for whom? The French
Giovanni Da Verrazzano sailed with whom? Cartier
Cabot was known as who? The Explorer of New Foundland
What happened to Cabot and his crew on his second voyage? They dissapeared
What was the name of Cabot's son? Sebastian
What did Roberval rename Charlesbourg Royal? France-Roi
Where did John Cabot live when he became a citizen? Venice, Italy
What type of ship was the "Mathew?" Navicula
Who thought Bristol Mariners might even reach Newfoundland and Labrador even before Cabot arrived on the scene? Some historians
What are some goods from Asia? Spices, silk, precious, stone, and metals
What was the name of Cabot's wife? Mattea
Why was Hudson hired by the Dutch East India Company? to try to find the northwest passage farther South
What three bodies of water were named after hudson? Huson river, Hudson straight, Hudson bay
Why wasHudson hired by the Muscovy Company? to find a waterway from Europe to Asia
What was the name of the ship that the Dutch East India Company gave Hudson? The Halfnoon
The Halfnoon wrecked on what island in the ocean? Mautius
Henry was a _______ Explorer English
The first colony that failed was Roanok colony
where was roanok located? Rowanoke island
What present day state is roanoke? North Carolina
what was thw first sucessful britich colony? Jamestown
This governer was band for three years from roanoke? Gov. Thomas White
The people of plymouth where looking for? Religous Freedom
THe people of jamestown were looking for? Gold
The first child born in America was? Virginia Dare
The people of plymouth help indians defeat a rival, so now what holiday do we have? Thanksgiving
Created by: SS-7-1