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SALT Gr 5 History

Chapter 12 - Changing the Boundaries

Communist China was opend to trade by this president Nixon
A policy was made to help other nations struggling with Communist takeover by this president Truman
This president survived a gunshot wound during his first term of office Reagan
The laws that made it illegal for African Americans to eat in restaurants, or drink from water fountains labeled "whites Only" Jim Crow Laws
The first African American to hold America's highest military post Colin Powell
The nation became concerned about issues of civil rights during this president's term of office Eisenhower
This president feared that General MacArthur's expansion of the war into China would lead to WWIII Truman
The only president not elected by the American people Ford
In 1986, the space shuttle that exploded, killing everyone onboard Challenger
Was the first woman appointed a Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor
The president that started a program called Star Wars Reagan
The youngest man ever elected as president Kennedy
The first American astronaut that stepped on the moon Neil Armstrong
What was left on the moon by the astronauts of Apollo 11 an American flag and a plaque with their names and President Nixon's name
Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader of what movement during the 1960s Civil Rights Movement
President that boycotted the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow Carter
President that made a promise to provide health insurance for all Americans Clinton
President during the Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy
Formed a rescue mission to save American hostages in Iran Carter
The money people had to pay in order to vote was called Poll taxes
What states became the 49th and 50th states of the US Alaska and Hawaii
The African American arrested for sitting in the "Whites Only" section of a bus Rosa Parks
President involved in the Persian Gulf War Bush
President that resigned before possible impeachment Nixon
Became president the same day another president died Johnson
The Korean War erupted during the president's term of office Truman
What country had the first manmade satellite that orbited the earth Soviet Union
The US launched a satellite called Explorer I
Cuba became Communist when this person came to power Fidel Castro
The US military helped South Vietnamese fight against Communism during this president's office Johnson
The longest war America had ever fought and the only war America lost Vietnam War
Since 1840 every American president elected during a year ending with zero had died in office. This was known as The Zero Factor
Created by: sandyb
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