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Africa flashcards

Which two deserts are moving closer together? Sahara and Kalahari
Language differences, political conflict, drought, famine, disease and jobs explain what? push and pull factors
What's caused by wind, deforestation, overgrazing, and overfarming? desertitfication
The Europeans hindered the Africans' freedom because of the slave trade and politcal freedoms. What's that called? oppression
Which group of people really interfered with progress and the African people in general? the Europeans
A very hot dry area can have a climate described as what? arid
This extends from the Red Sea to Mozambique; it's a series of broad steep-walled valleys. Great Rift Valley
The Earth's continents, before splitting. Pangea
a flat grassland of Africa having few trees and shrubs; found in semi-arid and tropical regions savanna
These cause people to move from one place to another - for both positive and negative reasons push and pull factors
This desribes an unfounded belief that one race is inferior to another racism
what do you call a policy of racial segregation that existed in South Africa for many years apartheid
What term is used to describe a person who goes into a country to teach religion, to promote education and health care? missionary
illegal hunting and killing of animals poaching
resources which cannot be replaced quickly non-renewable
the mass killing of a group of a targeted group of people genocide
South Africa's first black president Nelson Mandela
The years that apartheid existed in South Africa 1948-1989
The great movement of people throughout Africa Bantu Migration
Common major language of Africa Swahili
climate regions of Africa (4) tropical, arid, equatorial, semi-arid
Having many different cultures and viewpoints diverse
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