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Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Geography - Lesson 1

a way people use and change the land human systems
the study of Earth's land, water, people, and other living things geography
something found in nature that people use natural resource
a river that empties into another river tributary
the weather of a place over time climate
a system of rivers emptying into other rivers; SC has four river system
a type of business industry
the land surrounding a river system basin
the business of making money from people who visit a place tourism
the way people make a living economy
work that people do for other people to earn a living services
the business of raising crops or animals to sell agriculture
things that people make to sell goods
a measure of how hot or cold place is temperature
the act of making something with machines manufacturing
a place where ships can load and unload goods port
SC's four main river systems (Hint: Savannah Eats Sour Pickles) Savannah, Edisto, Santee, Pee Dee
Name the six land regions of SC Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Sand Hills, Inner Coastal Plain, Outer Coastal Plain, Coastal Zone
Which region has waterfalls, mountains, Table Rock and the Chatooga River? Blue Ridge Region
Which region has rolling hills, Hartwell Lake, Carowinds and the town of Belton? Piedmont Region
Which region has sandy hills, the fall line, Columbia and peach orchards? Sand Hills Region
Which two regions have flat plains, Congaree National Swamp, good farming land and lots of farms? Inner and Outer Coastal Plains
Which region has beaches, oysters, golf courses, Charleston, hotel resorts and historic homes? Coastal Zone Region
What region touches the Atlantic Ocean? Coastal Zone Region
What region is our state capitol in? Sand Hills Region
What region is the smallest and the tallest? Blue Ridge Region
What region do we live in? Piedmont Region
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