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Facts to know for Greece

Greece is located in the southern portion of this continent Europe
Most of Greece's land is covered with mountains
Greece has hundreds of islands
Greece is surrounded by this resource sea
This allowed Greeks to spread ideas and learn from other cultures trade
Limited fertile soil caused limited farming
Small, independent communities in ancient Greece were called city-states
In what sea are most of the Greek islands located? Aegean Sea
Each city-state had it's own government
Travel was difficult because of the mountains
Travel was easiest by boat
This city-state had a military culture Sparta
This city-state had the first democracy Athens
This type of government is run by a King Monarchy
Athens had this type of Democracy Direct Democracy
The U.S. has this type of Democracy Representative Democracy
A slave in ancient Greece was called a helot
A fort on the top of a hill in Greece acropolis
Another name for a city-state polis
Athens and Sparta worked together to fight this Empire Persia
This military leader spread the Hellenistic Culture. Alexander the Great
Alexander was from Macedonia
Blending Greek cultures with other cultures was called Hellenistic
Legacy What a person leaves behind after their death
Created by: Jratnroll