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Calm the Spirit herb

calm shen, anchor spirit, herbs

Long Gu dragon bone, fossil, anchor lv/ht, astringe and restrain essence leakage, insomnia or mania, spontaneous sweat, nocturnal emissions, enuresis, ADD
Suan Zao Ren Sour Jujube, blood def insomnia, ht/kd disharmony w/MORE SWEAT, palpitations d/t ht blood/yin def, HALF HOUR BEFORE BED,
Bai Zi Ren Calm shen, palpitations, insomnia, ht/kd disharmony w/MORE PALPITATIONS, CONSTIPATION
Hu Po Amber, Calm spirit, invigorate blood, expel stasis, promote urination, unblock urinary passage, convulsion, epilepsy, painful urination d/t damp-heat
Yuan Zhi calm spirit, EXPEL PHLEGM, panic attack, insomnia d/t phlegm w/slight heat, cough d/t phlegm heat, reduce swelling, may cause constipation
He Huan Pi Calm spirit, invigorate blood, depression, irritability, emotional disorder, traumatic pain
Zhu Sha Cinnabar, toxic, sedate ht, clear heat, relieve toxicity, palpitations, seizures, high fever, delirium, SEVERE shen disturbance, MOUTH/TONGUE SORES
Mu Li oyster shell, pacify lv, heavy tranquilizer, reduce hardness & masses, ht/kd disharmony w/phlegm nodules, menopause, chronic spermatorrhea, ADD, anxiety, REDUCE STOMACH ACID
Zhen Zhu pearl, pacify ht, stop convulsions, cool lv, descend lv yang, clear eyes, regenerate tissue, facial rejuvenation, fear, fright, children's convulsions, skin conditions, throat infections, ulcerative gingivitis, blurry vision
Dai Zhe Shi Arsenic, calm lv, cool lv, descend lv yang, strongly descend rebel qi, cools the blood, reduce bleeding, hiccup, wheezing, dyspnea, blood heat w/ bleeding
Hai Piao Xiao cuttlefish bone, stop bleeding, vaginal discharge, reduce acid regurgitation, resolve damp, promote healing, stop diarrhea
Created by: gypsywitx