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Featherston 4

The members of a nominating committee should be: elected by the organization.
The minutes of an organization are: an official record of the proceedings.
A roll call vote: cannont be ordered in committee of the whole.
The chair may vote: to create a tie.
Honorary membership confers: the right to attend meetings and to speak.
When counting ballots, two filled-out ballots folded together are: counted as one illegal vote.
When methods are suggested for selecting members of a committee, the first method to be voted on is: election by ballot.
When taking a voice vote, the following form is correct: those in favor say "Aye," those opposed say "No."
A motion to consider informally may be applied to: the main motion and its amendments.
When there is no rule providing for a ballot vote in an election: the assembly may order a ballot vote.
In a meeting, the presiding officer should remain seated: when a member is speaking in debate.
In a committee elected by ballot, the position of chairman: B and C are correct.
When tellers are counting ballots, blank ballots are: ignored.
May a member nominate more than one person for a committee or an office? Yes, after everyone else has had an opportunity to nominate a candidate.
When the assembly goes into quasi committee of the whole, the presiding officer: remains in the chair.
When the assembly goes into informal consideration, the presiding officer: remains in the chair.
During committee proceedings, the previous question: is not in order.
The secretary may be instructed to cast the ballot of the assembly if: the bylaws do not require a ballot vote.
The bylaws indicate that responsibility of the board of directors is to control the finances of the organization. A group of members do not agree with the way the board is spending ...What action can those members take at the annual membership meeting? The members can make recommendations as to how the money should be allocated, but have no authority to require the board to follow their instructions.
When an ex-officio member of a board ceases to hold the office that entitles him to such membership, how is his membership on the board affected? Membership on the board terminates automatically.
Minutes should include: the reasons given by the chair for his rulings on points of order.
In voting procedure, the chair must: announce the result of each vote.
A call for a counted rising vote to be taken after an uncounted rising vote: requires a motion, which needs a second and a majority vote to pass.
"Action in this manner is in accord with the principle that rules are designed for the protection of the minority and generally need not be strictly enforced when there is no minority to protect." This quote refers to: unanimous consent.
All the following are true of action by unanimous consent except: no member can move to reconsider the action taken.
In case of a tie vote on an ordinary main motion: the motion is lost.
As an alternative to voting by voice, a vote by show of hands: can be used in small boards or committees.
After the reportof the voting itself, the complete announcement of a vote should include all of the following, except: instructions to enter the motion in the minutes.
The secretary is the recording officer of the assembly and the custodian of its records, except those specifically assigned to others. Additional duties include: All of the above are correct.
The negative voice vote has just been taken on a motion to donate $100 to the Red Cross. What is the last point at which a member may demand a division? Before the chair says, "The question now before the assembly is the motion of the budget committee to transfer $300 to the Postage Fund."
A presiding officer, who is a member of the assembly: protects his impartiality by voting only when his vote would aggect the outcome.
If the bylaws or rules do not prescribe how the members of committees shall be selected: A and C are correct.
A resolution (A) with a primary amendment (B) and a secondary amendment (C) pending... When the committee reports to the assembly, it recommends a substitute (D) for the resolution. In what order should the motions be considered if all are adopted? Secondary amendment (C), primary amendment (B), substitute (D), then substitute (D), if approved, as the main motion.
Which statement concerning ex-officio members of boards is correct? They may speak and vote on all issues.
May standing committees be established in addition to those enumerated in the bylaws without a provision authorizing their appointment in the bylaws? No.
Which of the following is not debatable? to dispense with the reading of the minutes.
If the bylaws give no directive on the subject of the method of voting in elections, the: assembly may decide.
As a compromise between the rights of the individual and the rights of the assembly, the principle is that a two-thirds vote is required to adopt any motion that: All of the above are correct.
If a standing committee's assigned function affects a rule of parlimentary procedure in any of the tree ways specified in RONR, how can it be established? A and B are correct.
In some organizations the financial reports are audited by elected officer(s) known as: trustee(s).
When a committee chairman signs a report alone, his signature: certifies that the report has been adopted by the committee.
Standing committee reports are called for: as they are listed in the bylaws.
A recommendation from a committee to postpone indefinitely a motion with a pending amendment is handled by the chair in the following manner: the chair states the question on the amendment.
Putting the question on amendments "in gross" means: taking one vote on all pending amendments.
A report from a standing committee which contains only information should be: filed without action.
When the minority of a committee wishes to make a formal report: without objection, the chair should call for it as soon as he states the question on the committee report.
What parlimentary termapplies to discussion on the merits of a pending question? Debate.
In a committee meeting, the motion to reconsider: may be made by a member who did not vote.
A second implies that the seconder: agrees that the motion should come before the meeting.
In a meeting, the presiding officer should stand: while putting the question to vote.
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