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MN Hist. Ch. 7 & 8

Chapter 7 & 8

Obemau-unoqua Ojibway woman that married John Sayer
John Sayer This man was a partner in the Northwest trading company.
bourgeois boss - What Sayer was
voyagers workers - what Sayers men were.
gum sticky sap for waterproofing patches for canoes
Susan Johnston daughter of Ojibway White Fischer, married John Johnston
red river carts made entirely of wood and pulled by ox or pony
The Bongas A me'tis family with a difference, they were black slaves
Me'tis marriage between traders and Indians
sugar huts bark wigwams built near maple groves
Zebulon Pike a young army officer sent by the US to find a good place to build a fort
Lawrence Taliaferro first Indian agent at Fort Snelling
Cloud Man first Dakota to try farming
Little crow The chief of the Dakota community of Kasopia.
Colonel Josiah Snelling first commander of Fort Snelling
Abigail Hunt Snelling the daughter,sister, wife and mother to army officers
Seth Eastman An officer with great interest in Indian ways , he was an artist
Nancy Eastman Her mother was Dakota, and her father was the artist Seth Eastman
Mary Eastman Seth's wife, a warmhearted person
Dakota Hunters Sayer was afraid of these people because he traded with their enemies.
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