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American Jewish Exp


Pale of Settlement broad band of territory N-S where Jews could settle in Russia; forced to live in these areas unless had document; biggest= Odessa
Pogrom state sponsored riots targeting specific ethnic groups
Jewish Daily Forward biggest Jewish newspaper;editor= Abraham Cahan (novelist)
Boris Tomashevsky Yiddish theater leading actor
"Uptown Jews" / "Downtown Jews" Uptown: Manhattan= German Jews; Downtown: Lower East Side= Eastern European Jews
Landsmanschaft lodge that provided insurance/sense of home; opened synagogues
Protocol of Peace agreement that Louis Brandais to settle strike for cloak makers
Alliance Jewish farm colony outside of Vineland
Am Olam Movement farming movement in Europe to come to United States to farm
Baron de Hirsch Fund Woodbine; support Jewish farm movement
Pittsburgh Platform 1885; reform Rabbi document with reform ideas
Jewish Theological Seminary school for training conservative Rabbis
Solomon Schechter head of JTS; founder/principle of conservative Judaism
Hebrew Union College reform Judaism; Isaac Meyer Wise; Rabbis; Cincinnati Ohio
National Council of Jewish Women 1893; 2 goals- 1) education, 2) community service
Settlement Houses house rented in ghetto/teach immigrants to be American; educational alliance in NY
Bernard Revel leader of modern Orthodoxy; created Yeshiva College after WWI
Emma Lazarus poet/writer; wrote "New Colossus" 1849-1887; devotion to Zionism
Zionism Jewish state in the land of Israel for the Jewish people to live
Louis Marshall attorney; American Jewish Committee
Father Charles Coughlin used the radio to broadcast anti-Semitism
Louis Brandeis Jewish Supreme Court Justice; head of Zionism; peoples attorney
Evian Conference all countries met 1938; what to do with Jews in Europe?
Breckenridge Long tried to keep Jewish refugees out of US; never met quotas
Henry Morgenthau JR went to Roosevelt to set up War Refugee Board
War Refugee Board 1944; save Jews from Holocaust
Oswego, NY camp for around 1,000 Jewish refugees from Hitler
Bess Myerson first Jewish Miss America; wouldn't change last name
Hank Greenberg wouldn't play baseball on Yom Kippur; 1930s-40s
Abraham Joshua Heschel Holocaust survivor; big on Civil Rights
Jewish Renewal takes best of 3 (reform, conservative, orthodox); based around Hebrew College transdenominational interfaith movement
Mary Antin wrote "The Promise Land"; bio- to be an American
George Gershwin composer; classical/broadway
Ruth Bader Ginsberg justice on Supreme Court 1st Jewish woman; teacher at Rutgers
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