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Dubj History

7th Grade History

Goddess of the moon Artemis/diana
Goddess of wisdom Athena/minerva
Goddess of crops (harvest) Demeter/ceres
God of the sun Apollo/apollo
God of war Ares
King of the gods Zeus/jupiter
God of fire Hephaestus/vulcon
God of the sea Poseidon/neptune
Protectress of marriage Hera/juno
Goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite
God of orators Hermes/pluto
God of fertility Dionysus/bacchus
Athenian comic dramatist Aristophanes
Greek philosopher, a pupil of Plato, he is also called "the founder of biology" Aristotle
Patron goddess of Athens Athena
System of government developed in ancient Athens Democracy
The simplest of the three types of Greek columns Doric
The "father of history" - he wrote about the Persian Wars Herodotus
Founder of the most famous school of medicine in ancient Greece Hippocrates
Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey Homer
Athenian sculptor whose best known work is the "Discus Thrower" Myron
Games were held here by the ancient Greeks every four years Olympia
Ancient Greeks went to this institution for advice and guidance - the most famous was located in Delphi Oracle
Located on the Athenian acropolis, it is sometimes called the world's most beautiful building Parthenan
Greek philosopher - in his Republic he described an Ideal State Plato
Greek mathematician who discovered that the square on the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides Pythagoras
Greece was divided into many of them City - States
These people were taken prisoner by the Spartans and forced into slavery Helots
The Persian War lasted how many years 27
People of Athens gathered there to visit and discuss the latest news Marketplace
One reason city-states never united into one strong country was that the cities were separated by bodies of water and by these Mountains
Men between 20 and 30 who kept the helots under control in Sparta Cadets
Name for the group of adult male citizens who made the laws in Athens Assembly
The group in Athens which decided if a person was guilty or not guilty following a court trial Jury
This freedom allowed Athenians to criticise public officials Freedom of Speech
How many years between Olympic games 4
City-state which developed the most advanced civilization on earth Athens
This city-state stressed military training for boys and men Sparta
An army from there conquered Greece after the war between Sparta and Athens Macedonia
People of Sparta who were allowed to own businesses and property, and who also cared for the home Spartan women
His conquests included Egypt, the Persian Empire and Greece Alexander the Great
In Athens, homes were small and plain, but these were very beautiful Public buildings
Counrty that contributed greatly to Western civilization Greece
This city-state was interested in art, literature, science and philosophy Athens
Age when Spartan youth began his military career 7
Sea that seperated the Greek mainland from Perisan-controlled Asia Minor Aegean
He was ostracized when he opposed Thermistocles' plan to build up the Athenian fleet in preperation for the 2nd Persian invasion Aristides
King of Persia who launched the first invasion of Greece in 490 B.C. Darius
As tokens of submission, the Persians demanded water and this Earth
Body of water crossed by the Persian army with a bridge of boats Hellespont
Term used to describe a Greek infantry or foot soldier Hoplite
Spartan king who died heroically at the battle of Thermopylae Leonidas
In 490 B.C.the Athenians proved that the Persians were not invicible by defeating them at this battle, 26 miles from Athens Marathon
A term sometimes used to mean "Persians" Medes
A Greek colony in Asia Minor whose revolt against Persian rule in 499 B.C. helped to "trigger" the Persian Wars Miletus
Athenian general whose strategy helped to win the battle of Marathon Miltiades
Many Greek colonies had come under Persian rule in Asia Minor
Athenian runner who is said to have run to Sparta and back to summon help for the Athenians in 490 B.C. Pheidippides
Goddess who helps Jason Hera
Their song lures sailors to their deaths Sirens
They have bird bodies and woman's heads Harpies
Heroes who accompany Jason Argonauts
Daughter of Athamas Helle
He sent Jason on his quest Pelias
He saves the Argonauts from the Sirens Orpheus
Princess cursed with a large appetite Charybdis
Princess of Colchis who helps Jason Medea
Magician and ruler of Colchis Aeetes
She was one of the Argonauts Atalanta
Rescued by the Golden Ram Phrixus
Charioteer of the sun Helios
Centaur who taught many heroes Chiron
God who orders the sacrifice of the Golden Ram Zeus
Land of the Golden Fleece Colchis
Hero who was left behind Heracles
Medea's bewitching aunt Circe
Enslaved people Helots
Merchants and artisans Perioeci
Spartan managers Ephors
Served as Sparta's high court Council of Elders
Region in Greece where Sparta was located The Peloponnesus
Unhealthy Spartan newborns were Left to die
Spartan citizens were always Perioeci
Had the strongest navy in Greece Athens
Had the strongest army in Greece Sparta
Open-air marketplace Agora
Fortified hill Acropolis
City-state Polis
A polis was made up of villages, fields and orchards
The average Greek city-state contained Between 5,000 and 10,000 citizens
Only citizens of the city-state could Vote and own property
Spartan nobles were known as Aristocrats
Means to think Meditate
Means favoring the equality of all people Democratic
When people gain understanding, they gain Enlightenment
Warships that had three levels of rowers on each side were called Triremes
When only a few people have the power to rule, that form of government is known as a Oligarchy
Hired soldiers are also called Mercenaries
Protective group formed by city-state Defensive league
Temple to Athena in Athens Parthenon
Process that purifies metal ore and hardens it, especially iron Smelting
To worship one god Monotheism
Person who claims to have a message from God Prophet
Hebrew teacher Rabbi
Hebrew holy day; day of rest and religious study Sabbath
Children, grandchildren, etc Descendants
The science of making acurate observations of the sun, moon, planets and stars Astronomy
The one god of Hebrews Yahweh
Chaldean king who built a capital at Babylon and the hanging gardens Nebuchadnezzer
Assyrian king who created one of the world's first libraries Ashurbanipal
First king of the Hebrews Saul
Hewbrew king who united the tribes of Israel and built a great capital at Jerusalem; writer of psalms David
Religious leader of the Persians who taught about two gods- one good, one evil- locked in constant combat Zoroaster
Led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt; received the Ten Commandments Moses
Hebrew holy book; first five books of the Bible Torah
The Hebrew religion is Judaism
The most important idea spread by the Phoenicians was The alphabet
The capital of Chaldean Empire Babylon
The capital of Persian Empire Persepolis
Descendents of the Aryans Persians
Who were the first people to use coined money Lydians
The Persian Empire uses which language Aramaic
Which area is between Egypt and Mesopotamia, was settled by Hebrews and Phoenicians and promised to Abraham Canaan
The Persian people who led the army into battle- There were 10,000 of them Immortals
Who is believed to have developed the process of smelting Hittites
Artenian leader who helped to launch the expedition to Syracuse and later defected to Sparta Alcibiades
Athenian leader who wanted to punish Mytilene for its revolt by executing all its men and enslaving its women and children Cleon
Commercial city which was an ally of Sparta in the war Corinth
The original headquarters of the Delian League was on this island Delos
Tiny island which tried to stay neutral during the Peloponnesian War Melos
An Athens ally which revolted against Athenian rule during the Peloponnesian War Mytilene
One of the Syracuse expedition leaders- His superstition and caution proved disastrous Nicias
His death in the Great Plague of 429 B.C. was a great blow to Athens Pericles
A traditional Greek enemy, it became an ally of Sparta during the war Persia
This killed about 1/4 of the Athenian population in 429 B.C. The plague
A Greek sity in Sicily, it was attacked by Athens during the war Syracuse
Athens' port of harbor Piraeus
Athenian teacher and philosopher who was executed Socrates
Wine god associated with Greek drama Dionysus
Wall paintings in wet plaster found at Knossos Frescoes
Began "question & answer" method of teaching Socrates
Greek columns most copied by the Romans Corinthian
Athenian dramatist, author of Oedipus Rex Sophocles
God of the underworld Hades/pluto
God of light, truth, music and prophecy Hestia/vesta
God of all those who live by their wits, messenger Hermes/Mercury
Geographer who calculated the circumference of the Earth to within 200 miles of its actual measure Eratosthenes
Developed the first two steps in the scientific method Thales of Miletus
Father of Geometry and auther or "Elements" a book of geometry Euclid
Zeus' first wife was Hera
After Cronus, this person became the lord of the universe Zeus
Gaea was angry at Zeus for Locking the Titans in Tartarus
Who were the two monsters Mother Earth brought forth to fight Zeus Typhon and Echidna
A skilled craftsman who was the god of smiths and fire- Created thrones and made weapons for gods and made jewelry for Aphrodite Hephaestus
The only goddess to have neither mother nor father Cynthera
Apollo punished her by making sure nobody believed her prophecies Cassandra
He was the greatest of the Trojan warriors Hector
He married Helen and became the King of Sparta Menelaus
Built one of the first sports arenas The Minoans
"The Iliad" is the story of the war between Trojans and Greeks
Heracules mother Alcmena
Titan who holds up the sky Atlas
Created by: dubj
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