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STAAR Review

Who were the first 5 presidents? George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe
What did Washington write to advise the country? Farewell Address
The Farewell Adress warned to stay away from 1) __ 2) __ 3) __ Sectionalism, Political Parties, and Foreign Affairs
Federalists had a ___ interpretation of the Constitution. loose
Democratic-Republicans had a __ interpretation of the Constution. strict
1st written plan of government Articles of Confederation
Constitutional Convention 1787
Federalists sided with ___ Britian
Democratic-Republicans sided with ___ France
Popular Sovereignty People rule
Federalism distribution of power between national and state governments
Seperation of Powers division of government roles
Checks and Balances ability of each branch to exercise checks or controls over the other branches
Republicanism People vote to choose their rulers
Limited Government All citizens including government officials must obey the laws and pay taxes ; no ruler is too powerful
Individual Rights Unalienable rights ; certain rights that the government is obligated to protect
Year of the Louisianna Purchase ? 1803
Year of the Declaration of Independence ? 1776
Years of the Civil War ? 1861-1865
What was Lincoln's main goal during the Civil War ? He aimed to preserve the Union and revive the United States.
The Louisianna Purchase established the ____ _____ as the western boundary of the United States. Rocky Mountains
What are the Purchases that made Manifest Destiny ? Lousianna Purchase, Gadsden Purchase, Mexican Cession, Texas Cession
What did the Monroe Doctrine do ? Protect South America from being invaded by other countries.
3 causes of the Civil War impressment of U.S. citizens, interference with American shipping, and British support of Native American resistance
3 effects of the CIvil War increased American patriotism, weakened Native AMerican resistance, U.S. manufacturing grew
Created by: SheriaS