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Exploration SOL

Virginia USI.4 Exploration

What country did Francisco Coronado explore North America for? Spain
What country did Samuel deChamplain explore North America for? France
What country did Robert LaSalle explore North America for? France
What country did John Cabot explore North America for? England
Where did Francisco Coronado explore in North America? He claimed the Southwest of the present-day United States for Spain.
Where did Robert LaSalle explore in North America? He claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France.
Where did Samuel deChamplain explore in North America? He established the French settlement of Québec.
Where did John Cabot explore in North America? He explored eastern Canada.
Who made voyages of discovery along the coast of West Africa. The Portuguese
Name 3 motivations for exploration • Economic—Gold, natural resources, and trade • Religious—Spread Christianity • Competitions for empire and belief in superiority of own culture
Name 4 obstacles to exploration • Poor maps and navigational tools • Disease and starvation • Fear of the unknown • Lack of adequate supplies
Name 3 accomplishments of the explorations • Exchanged goods and ideas • Improved navigational tools and ships • Claimed territories
Cultural interactions with the American Indians 3 Spanish interactions are – Conquered and enslaved American Indians – Brought Christianity to the New World – Brought European diseases to American Indians
Cultural interactions with the American Indians 2 French interactions are – Established trading posts – Spread Christian religion
Cultural interactions with the American Indians 3 English interactions are – Established settlements and claimed ownership of land – Learned farming techniques from American Indians – Traded with American Indians
3 areas of cooperation in economic interaction between the Europeans and American Indians are • Europeans brought weapons and metal farm tools. • Trade • Crops
5 Areas of conflict between the Europeans and American Indians are • Land • Competition for trade • Differences in cultures • Diseases • Language differences
Name the 3 West African empires dominated West Africa one after another from 300 to 1600 A.D. in chronological order Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai where located where in Africa? Western region
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai where located south of what desert? Sahara Desert
Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were located near what major river? Niger River
How did Ghana, Mali, and Songhai powerful empires? by controlling trade in West Africa
What goods did the Portuguese carry from Europe to West African empires? (What did they leave Europe with?) metals, cloth, and other manufactured goods
What did the Portuguese trade for in West Africa? (What did they return to Europe with?) gold
person or company involved in wholesale trade, esp. one dealing with foreign countries merchant (Portuguese trader with West Africa)
Created by: Mrs. Estes
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