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capricious adj, given to sudden changes in mood/behavior
sanguine adj, bloody or blood thirsty
perjury n, willingly telling a lie while under oath
alacrity n, brisk and cheerful rediness, enthusiasm
reticent adj, hesitant to reveal one's thoughts/feelings
meticulous adj, showin great attention to detail, very careful and precise
valor n, great courage in the face of danger
agile adj, able to move quickly and easily
shrive v, to hear the confession of (as a priest would do)
prostrate adj, completely overcome and helpless
impeccable adj, completely faultless, flawless
abhor v, to regard with disgust and hatred
squander v, to waste in a foolish/reckless manner
inundation v, to overwhelm someone with things/ people to be dealt with
adject adj, extremely bad, unpleasant
shroud n, a length of cloth in which a dead person is buried
devotion n, love, loyalty or a person/activity
enmity n, feeling of being opposed to someone/something, hatred
lamentable adj, bad/unsatisfactory, unfortunate
vengeance n, punishment inflicted/retribution exacted for an injury or wrong
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