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History test

Ted Rogers invented the battery-less radio.
Armand Bombardier invented the snowmobile, because his son died because the roads were blocked by snow
Foster Hewitt was a famous sports caster for Hockey In Canada
Macenzie King Liberal prime minister of Canada
Group of 7 group of 7 Canadian artists, who painted Canada's landscapes
Frederick Banting invented insulin, to treat Diabetes
R.B. bennett replaced the king in 1930, he was conservative
cairine Wilson first woman appointed to the senate
Emily Murphy first woman judge in the British empire, and was appointed to an Alberta court
The famous 5 followers of Emily Murphy, got the court to decide women and men were referred to as people
Flappers a young woman, who dressed outrageously
The Charleston a dance
Black Tuesday The day the stock market crashed
The bennet buggy named after the prime minister of the time. no one had money to buy gas so they took the engine out of their cars and got horses to pull it
prohibition banned the production, import and transportation of liquor across the country 1918
influenza epidemic brought home by soldiers. 50000 people died, the department of health was developed.
Chinese exclusion act july 1st 1923, this act banned all chinese, except merchants diplomats and students from entering canada
relief money given to the unemployed to keep them from starving
CRBC canadian radio broadcasting comission. then changed to CBC. encouraged development of Canadian Programs.
CBC Canadian broadcasting corporation
NFB national film board. to promote films in Canada.
Governor general award the award to promote Canadian writing.
2 causes of the great depression -over production and over expansion -Canadas dependence on a few primary products
3 demands behind the winnipeg general strike were.. 1 decent wages 2 an 8 hour day 3 the right to bargain for better working conditions
Created by: mieks
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