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Ch.6 New England


meetinghouse a large building located in the middle of town used to hold meetings
wilderness wild and unsettled land
banished forced to leave
Boston a big, wealthy city in New England
industry a business to make and sell a product
triangular trade exchange of supplies and people from the colonies to England and Africa
Name 4 uses for trees found in New England maple syrup; ship building; house building; making barrels
What must all Puritan children study as part of their education? The Bible
The most plentiful natural resource in New England wood
Where did fisherman get their ships? they were built in local shipyards
The soil in New England wasn't suitable for farming because.. it was rocky
Settlers in New England were called... Puritans
Some young women in Massachusetts were killed because ... colonists thought they were witches
What was a meetinghouse used for? meetings; school; worship
What did the daily life of a Puritan child look like? they got up early to feed animals, went to school and studied the Bible, came home and worked in the fields or made clothes and candles
Why were people banished from Massachusetts? They wanted to worship in their own way and not be told by town leaders what to do.
Name a wealthy city in New England. Boston
Colonists traded run and iron to Africa in exchange for... slaves to work in the colonies
England sent the colonists guns, tools, and furniture since the colonists sent... furs, fish, wood, rice, tobacco
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