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1950, 1960 & Vietnam

What is the U2 Plane? a secret CIA Spy Jet
What year was the U2 built? 1955
What is the purpose of the U2 Plane? Take detailed photos of the ground
What year was the Interstate Highway System built? 1956
Which president authorized the building of the Interstate Highway System? President Dwight D. Eisenhower
How long is the Interstate Highway System? 47,000 miles
What year was the Emergency Broadcast System invented? 1963
What does NORAD stand for? North American Aerospace Defense Headquarters
Where is NORAD located? 2500 feet inside Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain
What year was NORAD built? 1958
What was the original purpose of NORAD? To track Soviet Nuclear Missiles
What is the primary purpose of NORAD today? To monitor North American Air Traffic
What is the name of the first satellite in space? Sputnik
Which country put the first Satellite in space? The Soviet Union
Term for the countries that had non-communist governments Free World
Soviet Union, China, and other communist countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. the east
The United States, Great Britain, France, and other democratic nations the west
competition between communist and Free World nations--especially the Soviet Union and the US--to develop powerful new weapons. arms race
a policy of political, economic, and military pressure to restrict the spread of communism. containment
The Soviet Union's tight control over travel and communication between Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe and the Free World. Iron Curtain
a small-scale war without nuclear weapons that involves just one area of the world. limited war
the rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union for superiority in space exploration and communication. Space race
ideas spread by one side in the Cold War to support its own policies or to criticize the other side's actions and beliefs. Propaganda
American volunteers who help disadvantaged people in under-developed countries of the world. Peace Corps
a time of improved relations between the US and the Soviet Union during the 1970s. detente
The person who said that an "Iron Curtain" had descended around Eastern Europe. Winston Churchill
How did the US oppose the spread of communism in Europe during the late 1940's? the Truman doctrine and Marshall Plan
What was the name of the alliance formed by 12 countries to oppose the spread of communism in Western Europe? North Atlantic Treaty Org.
What was built to divide the German city of Berlin into a communist eastern sector and a democratic western sector? The Berlin Wall
Who launched Sputnik I into space in 1957? Soviet Union
Who was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis? John F. Kennedy
What is the term that refers to the tense relationship that existed between communist and democratic countries throughout the 1950s and 1960s? The Cold War
What Jewish State in the Middle East became a close ally of the US during the 50s and 60s? Israel
Who stirred up a national controversy while serving as the chairman of several Senate committees investingating communist influence in governmet, education , defense industries, and other fields within the US? Joseph McCarthy
What communist country entered the Korean War on the side of the North Korea? China
What amendment was added to the Constitution limiting future presidents to two terms in office? 22nd Amendment
What was the alliance that prevented further spread of communism in the far east that was between the US, Australia, and New Zealand? ANZUS
Who became the first Republican to occupy the White House since Herbert Hoover? Dwight D. Eisenhower
The world's first nuclear powered submarine Nautilus
What is the name of the US's first satellite? Explorer I
Who was the revolutionary leader who seized control of the government of Cuba and become a communist ally of the Soviet Union? Fidel Castro
Who was the first American Astronaut to orbit the earth? John Glenn
Who was the first man to step on the moon? Neil Armstrong
What is the date that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated? Nov. 22, 1963
What year did the Cuban Missile Crisis happen? 1962
What were the years of the Vietnam War? 1955-1975
What was the progression of US presidents during the Vietnam War? Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon
How many Americans lost there lives during the Vietnam War? 58,000
How old was the oldest American soldier killed in the Vietnam War? 62
How old was the youngest American soldier killed in the Vietnam was? 16
How much did America spend on the Vietnam War? over $200 billion
What divided North and South Vietnam? 17th Parallel
What type of government did North Vietnam have during the Vietnam War? Communist
Who was the leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War? Ho Chi Minh
Who was the leader of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War Ngo Dinh Diem
What was the name of the theory America developed to justify their involvement in the Vietnam War? Domino Theory
What does NLF stand for? National Liberation Front
Where did the NLF originate from? North Vietnam
Who did the NLF recruit to help them? non-communist/South Vietnam anti-Diem people
What did America call the NLF Viet Cong
What was the American anti-war movement's feelings toward the NLF? they supported the NLF
Where did the South Vietnam government put the villagers to counteract the NLF? "Safe Hamlets"
What was the date of John F. Kennedy's assassination? Nov. 22, 1963
Who became president after Kennedy's assassination? Lyndon B. Johnson
Who action forced Johnson's hand to act concerning the Vietnam War? An attack in 1964 by North Vietnam on two US Ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Operation Rolling Thunder used what two chemical bombs? Phosphorous and napalm
What was the name of the defoliation program used during the Vietnam War? Operation Ranch Hand
What deadly chemical was used in Operation Ranch Hand? Agent Orange
What was a side effect of Agent Orange? Deformities in children born in that area.
What vehicle was used during the Vietnam War as an ambulance? helicopter
What system did the North Vietnamese use to evade aerial attacks and move supplies. Tunnel Complexes
Since there were not enough volunteers to continue to fight for America in the Vietnam War, what was implemented? the draft
One of the main sources for the anti-war movement was from where? college campuses
A serious blow to the US credibility came for the exposure of what incident? My Lai Massacre in 1968
Who became president of the US after Lyndon B. Johnson? Richard Nixon
In what year did the US sign a peace agreement with North Vietnam? 1973
In what year did Saigon fall to North Vietnam? 1975
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