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The RevolutionaryWar

Information onthe beggining of the Revolutionary War

Despite protests by the First Continental Congress, what did the British do? Stood firm against its rebellious colonies
What did the colonists do when the British stood firm against the rebellious colonies? They prepared for war
What kind of men met for military exercises? Men throughout the Thirteen Colonies
Where was tension the greatest? Massachusetts
What steps were taken in Massachusetts? To organize an army
What did most colonists hope King George the third and parliament would do? Relax their grip on the Thirteen Colonies
What did a growing numbers of others favor against peace? A war for independence
Who spoke "Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death!" Patrick Henry
When did Patrick Henry deliver his speech? March, 1775
What was happening in Boston? pressure was mounting on General Thomas Gage
Who is General Thomas Gage? the British-appointed governor of Massachusetts
What were the colonists stockpiling at Concord? Guns and ammunition
Dummies were made to look like who before the war began? General Gage
What did the colonists do to the General Gage dummies? Burned at patriot rallies
Who was calling General Gage "Tommy, the old woman?" British troops
When did Great Britain instruct General Gage to use force against the rebels? April, 1775
What was Gage's plan to do in Concord? Raid Concord and take possession of the colonial arms and ammunition stored there
What did the British hope to accomplish when they went through Lexington? To capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock
Adams and Hancock were leaders of what? Anti-British activities in the Boston area
Adams was one of the first public figures to do what? Speak openly for independence
What three things did John Adams help organize? Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence, and the Boston Tea Party
Who was the richest man in Boston? John Hancock
What did Hancock do to become popular in Massachusetts? For his defiance of the British
What was a poorly kept secret? Gage's plan to march to Lexington and Concord
Two days before the British left Boston, Paul Revere informed the patriots what? That the redcoats expected to arrest Hancock and Adams in Lexington
Where did the British want to capture Adams and Hancock? Military stores in Concord
Who was Paul Revere's companion? Dr. Samuel Prescott and William Dawes
What happened when an advance guard of the king's troop reached Lexington? They were met by a band of 40-50 minutemen
What were the minutemen doing when the British got to Lexington? stood on the village green with musket in hand
How many minutemen were killed? 8
How many minutemen were wounded? 10
After the British left Lexington, what did they do? The British regulars marched 6 miles to Concord
What happened when the British got to Concord? They burned the courthouse and destroyed military supplies
What did the minutemen do at Concord's North Bridge? routed three companies of British light infantry
How many British soldiers did the colonists hurt at Concord? 3 died and 8 were wounded
Where did the British go when they left Concord? They began a 16 mile march back to Boston
When the news of Lexington went around, how did the minutemen react? Hundreds of minutemen rushed to the scene and took positions through the countryside
Minutemen fired at the British behind what? Walls, hedges, and trees
How many casualties got hurt before the British reached Boston? 250, 73 died
What signaled the beginning of the Revolutionary War? The battles of Lexington and Concord
Colonial representatives assembled where to coordinate actions against the British? Philadelphia
Delegates to the Second Continental Congress voted to organize what? the Continental Army
George Washington was chosen as what? The commander in chief of the colonial troops
Who had the advantage in population? British
What was the British vs. Colonist population? 12,000,000 to 2,750,000
Who had the advantage in support of the people? Colonists
Who had the advantage in size of the navy? British
The British was the world. best navy
Who had the advantage in familiarity with the land? Colonists
Why did the colonist have an advantage in familiarity with the land? They were fighting on home ground and the British were fighting in unfamiliar territory
Who had the advantage in organization of army? British
The British soldiers were..... highly organized
Who had the advantage in officers and soldiers? British
The British soldiers respected who? How did they show their respect? Their well-trained officers. Orders were readily obeyed
Who had the advantage in term of military duty? British
How long was the term of British soldiers? could be counted on for a lengthy term of duty
How long was the term of the colonist soldiers? Normal term, 1 year
Who had the advantage in uniforms and awards? British
What kind of uniforms/ awards did the colonists have? No uniforms/ awards
What color were the British uniforms? Red
Who had the advantage in weapons, supplies, and transportation? British
What did the British have control over (not the colonists)? the seacoast
Who had the advantage in reason for fighting? Colonists
What was the interest for fighting in the colony? To protect homes, families, and freedom to govern themselves
What was the interest for the British fighting? No particular interest
Who had the advantage in amount of wealth? British
Who were the wealthiest colonies? Loyalists
British was in the world. richest
Who had the advantage in amount of manufacturing? British
The British......manufactured goods than any other country in the world. produced more
Created by: mwhitehead
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